Day 13 - no sugar

Howzit going??? Buckled yet or what? I have a few of you that have either sms-ed me, left me comments here or on Facebook that it was getting a bit tough. Some had an indulgent today with a piece of CHEESECAKE!!! but we won't go there!!! Soooo jealous! ha! ha! On a serious note, it's been so overwhelming for those doing this for the very first time. It's very hard to go cold turkey!
Well done to those that are kicking a double s, you know who you are ;-)

Eggs on spinach with tomatoes and sprinkled paprika on cottage cheese

Pre work out drink

Did my circuit training this morning and really felt the prison squats and once again really sweated up a treat!!! My intervals didn't feel as intense even though I did 10 rounds of 60 seconds combined burpees and jump rope followed by 30 seconds marching in the spot and pretending to do some karate chops!!!

Post work out protein shake
Vanilla protein powder this time in 300ml water

Just in case anyone is wondering what I am drinking (I do prefer Megapro which I'll switch back to after this)

Beef burgers on a bed of spinach with brussel sprouts, bacon & onion concoction (excuse the presentation, looks appalling but I can assure you it was sooooo tasty!!) with a dollop of hummus

What started off as a fresh, crisp dish ended up being over cooked hence the dark brown look. Although its appears darker as well as I drizzled balsamic vinegar through it. Don't ask what I was doing when I over cooked this's embarrassing!!!

Afternoon snack
Green smoothie (spinach, protein powder, banana, pear juice, splash of milk with chia seeds)

It was such a lovely afternoon I had to enjoy this beverage outside. All it was missing was a drop of Kahlua :-))) My MIL had our beautiful 3 kids for the day which allowed me to work hard whilst Zali was's great to get this kind of help as I don't realise how much time I have to myself. Well I was kinda by myself while Zali was sleeping, same thing right? NO? Yeah I know. I am grateful either way. I'm sure I will want my time again with my kids when they leave here although Noah is adamant he is the eldest and will look after his Mum and Dad. Bless his kind and loving heart. He's the best!!!

The kids have been doing extremely well!! I forgot to take a picture of the food I packed them when they went to their Grans. I had a fruit salad (banana, kiwi, apple and oranges), cheese and crackers and almonds with cranberries & apricots. I was so proud of them as they continued with the no sugar theme even when they know there are chocolate freddo frogs in Grans pantry. My MIL did well and supported them today in fact mentioned she too will embark on a sugar free journey. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Grilled chicken (marinated in lemon juice and garlic) salad (spinach, red capsicum AKA red bell peppers, avocado and feta cheese

1. chop veggies and add dressing (olive oil & vinegar) 2. marinade chicken at least 2hrs for full flavour

3. spray olive oil and grill chicken 4. add chicken to salad and toss

left over fruit salad from kids today and handful of almonds (here on the couch as I type)

I am hoping everyone had a sensational day as I did, lovely to read all your comments so thank you to those that write me. For those that are just reading A BIG THANKS to you too and I look forward to your comments real soon.

It's nearly over...... 2 weeks of our sugar free challenge is coming to an end!!!! Tomorrow is our last day. I am so proud of everyone!!!!!

I'll be posting my pre and post tummy shots on Monday just to see whether sugar plays a big role in our body.

GOODNIGHT EVERYONE (& GOOD DAY to my o/seas readers just starting their day) SEE YOU TOMORROW, I can't wait!!!! XX Dani

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