Day 12 TT12 - ab challenge ROUND 1 completed

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you're having a fab weekend so far! Breakfast egg muffins with spinach, tomato & feta

PWOS vanilla

Ingredients 2 eggs feta S&P avocado (1/2 mashed) handful of spinach 1 tomatoe 2 wholemeal toasted muffins

I was super hungry after I came home from my 6km run/walk...

Ohhhhh I was so hideous with my run this morning!!! Pathetic actually! Seriously. Here I am claiming to be all fit and healthy (well you know, kinda, I'm on a journey with you all) and I can't even run without getting a stitch? WTH??? Yes that dreaded stitch came back!

This is what I was dealing with !!! I had to take this footage to show you BUT I'm also here to let you know that I WILL NOT LET THE STITCH beat me!!!! Here goes! Have a laugh will ya!!

Morning snack GF and nut free fruit bars

I make these for the boys lunch boxes regularly as they are not allowed any nuts at school, so instead I place various seeds and usually I put almond meal but I've started on either GF flour, wholemeal or buckwheat. I bake them so they are crunch like muesli bars. Ingredients Oats Buckwheat flour Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Cranberries Macadamia oil 1 tsp vanilla essence

Method Mix all ingredients together until you get a nice dough like mix (add water or milk if too dry) and shape into muesli type bars Lunch Salad sandwich Afternoon snack Yogurt fruit parfait

We just cut up some kiwi & strawberry for the bottom layer, added yogurt, then frozen berries with walnuts, topped with yogurt. Kids had honey drizzled onto, I added a mint leaf :-) Dinner **will post pics ASAP having connection issues** BBQ scotch fillets with pumpkin, feta and spinach salad

Dressing I mixed some olive oil, 1tsp honey, 2 tsp seeded mustard, squeezed 1/2 lemon and gave it a shake in this little jar and poured over the salad.

Fitness - ab challenge update

As you know I am doing the Fit Yummy Mummy Tighter Tummy in 12 days challenge which ended today. I took a quick pic from one of my core strength exercise moves today....

Well this is it....12 days of focusing on the ab region, I'll be repeating this program again for those that wish to join me. As for those that are doing their own program we are still going for another couple of weeks, as some of you mentioned you wouldn't see massive results in just 12 days. So I will repeat this TT12 again.

Here are my results......thus far.

I lost a total of 1.5cm around my waist & muffin top region

This was me 12 days ago when Celeste took a picture of me, so I got Adrian to try and take as close to those pics as she did.

Now I know it's no chisel 6 pack and not sure how far I can take this but hey, let's see what another 12 days does.

I didn't really commit 100% to this mini 12 day challenge. I had chocolate, I had chips, I missed a workout, I have more excuses than I can think of.


My NEW goals for the next 12 days, starting tomorrow are:

  • EAT NO SUGAR WHATSOEVER (this includes honey & maple syrup)
  • RUN AT LEAST X3 PER WEEK (on my day of rest AKA workout free days)

Are you in???

Xx Dani

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