Day 12 - no sugar

My little artist is at it again!! As some of you may be aware, my mother is an artist so it must flow in the genes :-)

NO SUGAR BABY!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! This is unreal and I mean this mainly because of how strong willed our children are! AND YOU!!!!!

How are things going your way? How will you survive the weekend and your last 2 days? We have no where particularly that we are going that will tempt us however I do have to remind my MIL that the kids are sugar free. She will have them tomorrow so I hope to pack their snacks....

2 pieces of wholemeal toast with avocado and tomato (2 hard boiled eggs, not pictured)

Morning snack
raspberry swirl yogurt (greek natural yogurt with thawed out frozen berries) with banana & pecan nuts

Wholemeal/grain pumpkin, spinach & feta sandwich with salad (from the wonderful Little Lucky Cafe in Bacchus Marsh)

I absolutely fell in love with this cafe as soon as I laid eyes on it. My first time ever in Bacchus Marsh, only 30 minutes away from Ballarat). The styling in the cafe just had such character and warmth, I immediately started taking pictures! Then I realised best I ask if it's ok to do so? Then I met Angela, the cafe owner. She was so delightful and had no problems with me taking photos. In fact she said you'll love the bathroom as well :-) so here are some pics of her A-mazing cafe....she styled which makes her A-mazing in my eyes. Wish I had that talent!

1. cafe sign 2. quotes on the wall 3. yes! bathroom mirror 4. aisle bench seating
1. stuffed bird 2. another wall quote 3. love this quote! 4. my beautiful friend Aleks & I

Afternoon snack
Mixed nuts and apple

Vegetable (with bacon) frittata

The kids absolutely love this dish as they refer to it as one of their rainbow coloured dishes. I tend to make a chicken soup that they refer to as rainbow chicken soup! I like to keep things colourful for them as it's always more appealing :-)

This is a super easy dinner to prepare, I am sure you have majority the ingredients in your fridge. It's so tasty and filling that you don't really need to serve it with anything else,  it's jam packed with vegetables and in this case a bit of bacon as my husband loves his meat ;-)

We had:

Red capsicum AKA bell pepper
Olive oil
Seasoning of your choice and S&P
Feta cheese (or whatever cheese you have)
Parmesan cheese
Various herbs that you like we had parsley, mint & basil
Eggs (I used 10, we have a big family and I love having it as a left over meal)

Sauté diced/chopped onions, garlic, bacon, red capsicum, celery, carrots, spinach etc... (you can also add mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, corn etc...) in olive oil. In a small bowl mix your eggs, herbs and cheese and pour over the mixture in the fry pan you are already using or in our case we just poured it in the casserole dish and oven baked it until golden brown.

Now....for those doing this no sugar thing, what's our next plan of attack??? You know we can't just go back to the way we were? It defeats this whole 2 week experience. What have you found has changed over these last 12 days?

~ For me it has given me more will power as I used to be a glutton and could never stop at eating 1 piece of cake, slice or row of chocolate.

~ It has also shown me what a great example I am for my children and have empowered them with some major STRONG WILLED skills and DEDICATION.

~ My body feels leaner, in conjunction to working out every second day (15 minutes resistance training and 15 minutes interval training).

~ The food that I prepare captures the natural sweetness that our body may crave eg: roasted sweet potatoes, coconut & cinnamon toast.

~ My husband has changed his way of snacking at night, he just doesn't. Although he did want me to share with you 1/2 a box of "oven baked" (he wanted me to highlight this) BBQ shapes he had. He thought that must be better than a mint slice biscuit or our new favourite cadbury daily celebrations chockie!!!

~ My stomach looks like it's shrinking (I'll post my before and after shots on Monday). This will really showcase our exercise!

I can keep going but I need to head out and meet my girlfriend which I am sooo excited about. She is launching her new fashion website REAL SOON!!! So I can't wait to share her fashionista styles and tips etc.....

Have a sensational Friday and I hope you leave me a comment with your experiences thus far with reducing sugar out of your day to day eating habits. XxDani

PS: do you mind that I come back later to post my pictures for the day, or prefer me to hold off and post with all the pictures to save you from coming back all the time. I am doing this for you, so YOU let me know what best suits you? I just get excited and want to post straight away and edit throughout the day to keep you in the loop xxxx

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