Day 11 TT12 - ab challenge

WOW!!! One more day to go and I'm done with the TT12 challenge. I have been a bit slack and haven't really focused properly. I really need to re-focus and not pick at sweet things at night. I just shared half a pack of chips with Adrian and a few "favourites" from cadbury chocolates (only because I won them on trivia night a few weeks ago, I'm actually surprised they've lasted this long!).

I will update my recipes ASAP and link them under my FOOD tab, just need to wrap things up tonight, so I'll keep this short.

No workout today - day of rest

Strawberry porridge

Morning snack
Cottage cheese with fruit

left over chicken burger salad

Afternoon snack
Broccoli and hummus dip

Parmesan chicken schnitzels with a plated bruschetta salad

I hope you have had a fabulous Friday. Enjoy the weekend, I am very excited as Adrian doesn't need to go down to the beach so he's here for the entire weekend YAY!

What's on for you this weekend?

Xx Dani

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