Day 11 - no sugar (happy 1st month blog bday too)

Good morning everyone, how are you doing? We are fabulous this rainy winters day and can I just say how great I am feeling??? I hope my positive vibes******************** gleam off your computer screen as you read this and gets you going today xx

Why am I so pumped?

Firstly because it's Day 11 of our sugar free challenge and everyone is doing soooo well. This is what Noah was drawing while I was doing my post....

His inspiration for the ying and yang sign was not only from watching Kung Fu Panda 2 but his view on sugar vs no sugar. This blew me away.

Secondly I am still pumped from yesterday. The kids went to my SIL and I never told her about our no sugar for 14 days and she offered them a Big M chocolate milk. Noah told his Aunty "thank you but no thank you, we are doing a sugar free challenge". I am freaking out on how strong willed my 6 year old son is and Oscar 4 and Mietta 2 followed suit. Did I mention the kids are on school holidays as well??? As a reward last night we gave the boys some AFL footy cards for doing such an incredible job with the no sugar (for my overseas readers this is our Australian rules football game) the boys were over the moon! They were very appreciative but said they can wait until the end of the challenge to get their reward. How did I ever deserve such beautiful and kind hearted children....okay I'm tearing up now. Get a grip! It's only a sugar challenge for crying out loud!

Okay my list can keep going but I will also mention with my blogging these past few weeks, it's officially a month today!! Happy Blog Birthday to me! Happy Blog Birthday to me! Happy Blog Birthday to me!.....okay, stop already.

I promise I won't be celebrating it every month okay. BUT if I am getting the responses I have been getting thus far, I AM HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL BABY!!! I love you guys!!!! XX

Oh yeah, did I mention I am new in Twitter land also? I was stoked when I saw a message appear Lisa Curry is now following you FitFoodAndStyle. I think that's pretty cool. Lisa is best known for her long and successful swimming career here in Australia. She has competed in various Olympic and Commonwealth Games and has collected 24 gold medals, 21 silver and 8 bronze medals at international competitions. She's also one of the many women who inspire me!!!! WOO HOO!!! She's following ME on twitter, how cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok enough of my excitement for one day.

My workout today was a circuit program that was sooo intense!!! I was sweating profusely! There is hardly any rest time. Traditionally, the time between exercises is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise. I used various body moves and 1 weight move the DB renegade row.
I then did my interval training x10 of 60 secs high impact (burpess, heel kicks etc...) and 30 secs low impact (marching on the spot). WHoosh!!!!! That got my blood pumping and kick started this whole PUMPED POST!!!! :-)

Pre-work out meal
Apple puree

Post work out drink
Vanilla protein shake with milk 250mls

Pear cinnamon porridge

3 simple ingredients make a very yummy & nutritional breakfast

Pour porridge, pear (including juices) & sprinkle cinnamon in a saucepan. Cook until fluffy
I splash some milk, dollop of yogurt and crushed walnuts for some crunch factor!

Morning snack 
I was still full from my breakfast but this is what the kids made themselves.....oats with dried cranberries (no added sugar of course!) sprinkled on top of some yogurt. Are these kids for real? I guess if these ingredients are the fridge/pantry, kids will be creative and try anything!

Left over chicken boccocini with avocado & spinach (drizzle of balsamic vinegar)

Afternoon snack
Avocado (they should be ripe by now)
Hard boiled eggs

Burgers (with grated carrots, celery & zucchini AKA courgette) and side salad (spinach, capsicum AKA red pepper, avocado & shredded boccocini)

Cut wholemeal bread into small squares and soak with milk, add carrot, celery, zucchini, egg into bowl and shape into burger, sausage or rissole shapes. PS: the soaking of the bread is a tip from an Italian chef I knew in Melbourne as I asked why are these meatballs sooooo tender. That was his secret!

I had a girlfriend and her little 2 1/2 year pop over this afternoon and he enjoyed playing our Serbian Easter traditional "egg cracking" game.....

Tell me what gets you excited and pumped, ready to tackle your day?! See you soon and I look forward to reading and replying to your comments XxDani

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