Day 11 - no added sugar

Hello all, well done!!! We survived Day 11!!!!! 3 more days left! How you doing with no added sugar?

I am having an early one tonight so forgive this short post but you are looking at (well reading really) one very tired Mama of 4 that desperately needs sleeeeeep. I hope you understand. I love you so much and am always here, so here's just a quick overview of my day.

Did an awesome 15 minute workout today and worked up a sweat. For those that don't have time to work out like me or are working out too long and not achieving results, I highly recommend this fitness regime. I have followed it since the birth of our 2nd son Oscar. He turns 6 later this year. So I am living proof that by eating healthy meals and doing only 15 minutes of resistance and 15 minutes of interval training, truly shapes your body and melts your fat away!! COME CHECK IT OUT!!!

I was rushed with kids errands ALL DAY!!!! Sorry no recipes below.

Our food today;

Breakfast Overnight soaked muesli with strawberries

Morning snack 180 Nutrition coconut protein green smoothie

Green smoothie

NB: Don't forget to take up my exclusive offer. ALL my readers in Australia (overseas shipping COMING SOON) who purchase any 180 Nutrition product via my link will recieve a 10% discount off all your orders!!! Simply use promo code 264464 Lunch Grilled capsicums with cottage cheese and chick pea salad

Chickpea salad

Afternoon snack Fruit salad with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese with fruit

Dinner Chicken thai salad

Chicken thai salad

Make over meals

Over to you now. Give me some of your dinners that you would like me to make over to a more healthy dish version.

For an example: Spaghetti bolognese, Taco's, Fish and Chips etc...something that is not so healthy but kinda is, sorta....... if it didn't have the thickened cream, added sugar, wasn't fried etc...

You name it! I need some of your meals to get this make over dinner underway!

Happy day 11 without added sugar! Super proud of you. Grab yourself a copy of Sarah Wilson's IQS to help you tackle no added sugar in your day to day meals. You won't regret it. I love it!!!

KEEP GOING......XxDani

Smile and keep going

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