Day 10 TT12 - ab challenge

How are those abs coming along everyone? Here are our 2 teams:

Tighter Tummy in 12 days (x2)
1. Dani
2. Michelle
3. Christine
4. Sheri
5. Ritika
6. Maria
7. Liz
8. Pauline

Killer Cardio and Core workout (3 weeks)
1. Celeste
2. Jodie
3. Anita
4. Jess
5. Adrian
6. Daniel
7. Amanda (FYM)
8. Tace
9. Elise
10. Tami
11. Sanya
12. Sarah
13. Dee (FYM)

I need some feedback, comments make sure you are on track. I made some poor food choices when I went out the other night and seriously can notice that layer on my tummy. Don't get me wrong I don't think I am overweight or fat in any way....however to achieve that chisel look, seriously I need to drop down to 10% body fat (I am currently @ 17%) which I think for my frame (1.78cm tall and weighing 65kgs) I will look too gaunt and not so nice!

I'll post a video soon to let you know what I am talking about.

I really need to bulk up in my muscle region, invest in some heavier weights and a all natural, organic protein powder. No nasty synthetics. I'm on the lookout!!! So watch this space!

Pear porridge

Here's my bulk porridge that I make for the 6 of us and then store any left overs throughout the day as a top up for Zali or in our smoothies etc....Not only do I have oats in the mix but I also throw in some linseed, rye and barley! Just to cover all my fibre :-) I tend to cook either on the stove top with milk and natural fruit juice (from a pears can) or under extreme emergencies in the microwave, same method just watch it doesn't overflow!!! Sticky porridge aint' nice to clean up! Trust me, I do it daily.....

WORKOUT and AB EXERCISES I completed the workout B for the month of August. Come check it out if interested in following the same exercise regime as myself. You get 50% off Holly's FYM fat loss ebook and 30 days free trial at Club FYM. It is amazing how varying her exercises are, it keeps you motivated and for me today the Bulgarian dead lifts with my leg up on a bench was very challenging. Great to feel other muscles!!! This workout took me approximately 18 minutes.

For my interval training I did my typical 60 seconds hard core exercises (mountain climbers, heel kicks & squats) followed by 30 secs slow marching on the spot. I repeated this 10 times and worked out a ripper sweat!

Morning snack
PWOS vanilla

Tuna salad wholemeal wraps

Tuna, carrots, avocado, spinach, tomato (not pictured) wholemeal wraps

Simple and fresh ingredients makes such a lovely nutritional and filling meal. After lunch Mietta and I were busy again, this time making colourful play dough!

Mix all ingredients and heat in a saucepan until you get to the 4th picture seen above. Then colour away. We used 3 and came up with these.....

We're learning about traffic lights so we chose these red, orange and green colours :-)

Here is Miss M in action....

Yes she's even got her nails painted hot pink!! We are busy girls at home :-)

Afternoon snack
Chickpeas on the go with an apple

I'll make sure I update this post with my steps and recipe on cooking home made crunchy chick peas. I will also link it in my FOOD tab. Thanks so much for your patience as I make this site as user friendly as possible for you.

Chicken quinoa feta burgers served with steamed vegetables

500g chicken mince
2 grated carrots
1 grated onion
1/2 cup grated cheese (parmesan or tasty is fine)
1 small block of feta crumbled
handful of chopped herbs (parsley and mint)
1/2 cup quinoa
2 eggs beaten
2 slices of wholemeal bread (which I blitzed into breadcrumbs and the soaked them in the eggs mixture)
clove of garlic

Combine all ingredients and roll into balls, flatten into pattie shape and allow to sit in fridge for half an hour (if possible) if not they're ok to either fry up or oven bake with a light spray of olive oil in your pan or dish. I made 8 adult size burgers and 4 mini ones for the kids and oven baked them for 30 minutes on 180C degrees or until cooked.

***Beauty update****

By the way I keep forgetting to mention last month I went out to Creswick (for my local readers, they'll know where that is) and found my NEW Delightfully Natural beauty regime!!!! One of my gorgeous school Mums referred me to her girlfriend who only uses natural and organic ingredients in her products. I was about to buy the Mirander Kerr KORA range online when I thought, best I support a local Australian business who is also all about natural, organic ingredients and NO CHEMICALS whatsoever!!! Anyhow's a big shout out to Kelly for creating such a beautiful skin range, which I'll also convert into my make up, body and hair range as well.

So many times I think about what I feed my body and then realise..... what is it that I am putting on my face???? I sometimes turn to my pantry and make my own facials and masks, here's some stuff I did recently when I started running low on my regular beauty products.

Face moisturisers
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Avocado oil

Facial scrubs
Almond with your choice of oil (I use the left over almonds when I make my almond milk)
Oatmeal and honey (blitz oats to powder form and mix with honey until you get a thick paste)
Coffee - left over from my coffee machine when I'm in the shower I just add water! These are great for any blocked pores.

Face masks
Almond - crack a couple of eggs, add some almond oil and paint your face with this sucker and feel all the natural ingredients working hard to plumping your skin back to life. I love this!
Honey -  is also a favourite as my Mum is a bee keeper we used to do this all the time. Also the wax from the frames of honey she pulled out, I used to place on my red pimply spots as a teenager and in the morning they were gone!!!!
Yogurt - also can be mixed with honey (1tbs of each) for a fabulous mask leaving your face feeling great!

The list is endless really but I really want to embark on all fresh ingredients, organic, raw etc... as much as possible and I will share with you what I use, buy and where I get them from. If ever you too decide to join me down the path of youthfulness :-)))) I'll never forget an interview I saw with Elle McPherson and she said, she became a vegan at 40 years of age and completely made the change to everything natural and organic, including products. She claims this change of lifestyle contributes to her youthful looking appearance. I may not go completely vegan but I sure am trying to go down the all natural and organic path.

As I approach my 40's I too want to be feeding my body and face with the right natural, raw ingredients. Let's see how I look in a couple of years time aye???? You be the judge :-))))

How about you? What do you do to make yourself healthy, fit and youthful looking?

Xx Dani

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