Day 10 - no sugar

I'm giving everyone a.........

SUPER effort to those still sticking with me, it means the world to me....XX
This is getting quite addictive, I love fitting in a spare second to come and update my blog and of course have you wonderful folks join me here as well. I am truly grateful, seriously I love your company!!! Actually doing something that I LOVE doing and sharing it with like minded people.....

This is the best gig EVER!! Why didn't I do it earlier? Oh yeah, I was too scared or rather didn't think I could really be sharing anything that exciting that people don't already know.

No workout today ~ day of rest however I do have heaps of washing to do, house work and just general paperwork to file as CEO of the Stevens house hold. I should've joined the circus, I'd be the best clown juggling act!!!! 

Fruit porridge with strawberries 

Morning snack
Blueberry and apple muffin
My sweetheart latte. The closest heart design I have ever done! You like?

Tuna pasta (heat olive oil, add onions, sauté until golden, add any spices I typically do paprika, cumin or curry) then add canned tomatoes, simmer for 5 minutes, add canned tuna and basil.

Afternoon snack
Strawberry smoothie

BBQ flat head fish with roasted sweet and potato vegetables (sorry this presentation looks hideous!) it sure tasted better than it looks...

How is everyone going with their no sugar DAY 10!!! Can you believe it? Any other temptations or cravings other than at night? That's when the sugar demons come out, you did not know this? :-)))

I have been picking on more nuts and yogurt myself as I too find myself chasing something sweet. Adrian AKA "love of my life" sometimes has a milo while we watch tv so when he's opening the pantry door for "something nice" (as he puts it) the MILO tin has vanished and he hums;

"Hmmmm, there's nothing in here babe". I say;

"Yeah I know honey, it's all boxed up for the challenge remember?"

Like he didn't know the poor thing. He's not a huge fan of fruit so I really don't know where he's getting his sugar fix from? He is thanking me though for not just eating for the sake of eating when it is our down time on the couch watching the box!

I admire him so much for supporting me. The kids too are going fabulous although having said that, as I type they are with my SIL for a play and let's hope they don't raid her cookie jar!!! Oh well, the kids will want sugar when they want it and if they decide not to have it then I have accomplished what I am trying to teach them. A healthier way of living. Everything in moderation too. I am still learning so I am no expert on this no sugar thing. Is it all or nothing? Or are there shades of grey??? Which reminds me.....anyone reading 50 shades of grey? Let me know your thoughts.

Wishing you the best day EVER!!!! XxDani

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