Day 1 - no sugar



I  am proud to say, so far so good. It's nearly 6pm and no sugar besides my x4 fruit servings. Managed to fit in a workout while the kids activity was having a bath ;-) then we did crafts & play dough, went food shopping and even managed to prep all my fruit & veggies so I have them clean and easy access throughout the week!!! Whoosh!!!!! Glad I get to sit down and write you ;-) that's my little break....


Pineapple porridge or as I like to call it upside down pineapple porridge (just sounds better) 
(x1 fruit serve)

Morning snack

Natural greek yogurt, milk, strawberries, chia seeds with protein smoothie
(x3 fruit serve)


Tuna salad (spinach, tomato, cucumbers with olive oil & vinegar). The kids had wholemeal wraps with cheese, spinach and beetroot. 

Afternoon snack

Vegetable juice (celery, ginger, apple with protein powder)
(x4 fruit serve)
Coconut popcorn (simply use coconut oil as it adds the sweetness in the popcorn)


Lasagna (just finished and placed in the oven as I type) with my under cover béchamel sauce AKA cauliflower with parmesan cheese ;-) 
I typically make 2 meals or dishes when I prepare my cauliflower. In this case Zali has a great soup (as well as us) and my béchamel sauce which is simply onion, cauliflower, bay leaves with peppercorn in water, simply boil until soft. Puree and add parmesan cheese for the lasagne sauce.
How did you go with no sugar today???? I know Anita had some tuna which in the ingredients after she ate it realised there was sugar!!! I was the same when preparing the kids lunch, I was about to have beetroot but realised the can version has sugar!!!
I do love my kids (they are participating as well, see how long they last??). They were upset when I told them the beetroot had sugar and why I wasn't eating it, so they want to make sure they eat the same as me!!! Sheesh I am the luckiest Mum in the world to have kids wanting to do a 2 week sugar free challenge!!!!! I really do feel the love especially with all you readers xx Dani

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