Day 1 & 2 - No sugar (added) & squat challenge

I have been a little busy lately. Here's a clue......

"I need a good knight to help a good cause." 

Please help me reach Sir Richard Branson for my Ride To Conquer Cancer. Click on this Facebook picture so we can reach 1 million likes and #askRichard to come ride with us, or in actual fact just give his support to this amazing event we are about to embark on.

#richardbranson will you come ride with the Vision Crusaders?

Even these Castle Knights were keen to ask Richard

Castle Knights at Kryal Castle

Okay enough with my personal challenge, how are you going with our sugar free and squat challenge? Please ensure to leave comments here, our Facebook group page and Instagram for added support throughout the day. Here's how I have been these last 2 days;

Day 1 

Jeepers, I buckled on my first day! I did great all day until we caught up with some friends and there was a lovely lemon slice that was just saying, just take one bite. C'mon! What's one bite! So what did I do? I took one bite!

Oh well tomorrow is another day.

The rest of the evening, I was good with a bowl of fruit salad and yogurt.

Completed 50 squats - regular body weight.

Day 2 

Woo hoo no SUGAR (added) all day. So happy today and I made sure I prepped our meals today and didn't face any temptation. It's all about food preparation as we were stocked up with plenty of snacks and lunch at Kryal Castle

Day of (squat) rest 


Vanilla and pear porridge served with fresh fruit

Vanilla pear porridge (with no "added" sugar)

We had such a fun day at Kryal Castle and we have a jam packed 2 weeks of school holidays planned.

Kryal Castle

Pretty cool with the dragon greeting us at the entrance after walking over the bridge and the girls loved the maze.

Before leaving I managed to get another shot with the Castle Knights holding up the #richardbransonproject sign. It's amazing how supportive everyone is being. I love it!

Kryal Castle Knights 

Do you think Sir Richard Branson will come ride with me?


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