Dani's Highlight 2014 : Feed Your Skin

Looking in the mirror and thinking your skin looks dry, pale and lifeless? The end of year holidays have come and gone. A lot of parties and get-togethers may have put your body through the wringer, leaving behind a few lines on your face. But hey, with little effort, you can get back that pre-holiday glow! For starters, be sure to follow through with a regimen every day that is suited to your skin type. The key to good looking skin is getting enough sleep, hydrating throughout the day, eating healthy foods and of course drinking my Green Smoothies which is my other secret to younger looking skin cos you gotta feed your skin from the inside......AND

Sprinkle some magic on top! For even more younger, fresh looking skin you gotta try Evohe. A truly self nurturing treat I want YOU to personally experience. I am gifting 100 Evohe Skincare packs to #TeamDani this month, so please ensure you grab yourself one.

Evohe-Dani IG

My all year round healthy looking skin is all thanks to wholesome foods and products which I feed our family daily. Here's a sample of some of the goodies which I am offering 5 boxes from GoodnessMeBox for free for you to try yourself.

Dani Loves GoodnessMeBox

So head over for some post-holiday pampering on my giveaways page for your chance to win these awesome products that I absolutely love.


Happy Thursday!


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