City2Surf post run recovery party

Not long now. The City2Surf event that is proudly sponsored by Airbnb is kicking off next weekend and you could win this amazing room with a view to help with your recovery… plus did I mention a massage table, oils and pure relaxation for the entire evening? I just love the whole concept of Airbnb and this place looks amazing!

Getting your body moving in an event like the City2Surf is awesome for your fitness but you do have to look after yourself afterwards.

Want to know some of the best ways to recover after a run?

Dani Stevens post run recovery tips

Try these tips:


It’s tempting to guzzle down an icy cold drink after a hard workout but the best thing for your body is to take it slowly. Sipping at water is best and if you have the opportunity to hydrate as you run, with small sips of water throughout the run, that’s good too. Just resist the temptation to drink too much, too fast. Once you’ve met your immediate thirst cravings, don’t forget to keep topping up over the next few hours. Your body has been through a lot and now it’s time for you to treat it right.


The best tips for drinking also apply to food. A long hard run puts your entire body under physical stress and, while you might feel completely ravenous and like eating a huge serving of your favourite food, the best thing for your healthy digestion is to eat small servings of light, nutritious food. Plan for a small meal about an hour after your run and then top up again with another nutritious snack a bit later. It might put you out of whack from your regular dining routine but it will stop you feeling sick and will aid your digestive system.


Post-run, you might feel on top of the world and ready to take on anything but it pays to remember the workout you’ve just done and to give your body time to rest. Resist the urge to go from ‘go’ to ‘whoa’ and let your body slow down gradually, rather than flop straight into a big sleep.

Stretches and gentle movements, followed by a soak in a tub or long shower and great ways to prepare yourself for restful sleep. Herbal teas add to the pleasure – just be sure to choose varieties that are about soothing, rather than refreshing, Chamomile is always a reliable favourite for aiding calm relaxation.


Do you have a physio or massage therapist you know and trust? You get your car serviced regularly so give your body the same respect – even more. Massage can relieve aches and pains before they even set in so can be a great preventative to avoid those annoying aches that can come after intense exercise.

Even getting your partner to rub your shoulders, neck and feet can be a great start – or you can even use a hand-held massage devices to do it yourself. Your muscles have done a lot of hard work and they need to be soothed and comforted to help you move freely and happily.


Sometimes easier said then done, huh? Relaxation isn’t just about letting your body flop on the couch – it’s also about slowing down your mind. Some people love relaxing in front of the TV, others prefer a great book to absorb their mind and stop worrying about everything else. For me, cooking is a fantastic way to wind down – it keeps me focused and happy and there is a delicious reward at the end. Whatever helps you relax – from a warm bath, to listening to music – post-run relaxation is really important.

You’ve achieved something amazing. Reward yourself with some gentle care! You deserve it…

PLUS you're gonna love being in the draw to win a trip to the New York marathon event later this year.



Airbnb New York Marathon competition on Dani Stevens

You know what they say about being in it to win it, right?

Hope you have an amazing, health and happy week ahead. What have you got planned? For me, weekends are all about family and we’re all having fun together. Hope you are too!

Happy Sunday!


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