Our Christmas menu and #mealforameal initiative

Our Christmas menu for lunch So this week is the BIG week huh? Not only am I meeting some of you for lunch today, click here for more information but there's big celebrations with family and friends, hot summer weather, Christmas carols and fairy lights. Christmas is such an amazing time of year and so magical for our kids. We like to keep the magic alive by telling the kids if they believe, Santa will leave them a gift under the tree Christmas morning.

"Christmas waves a

Magical wand over

this world, and

Behold, everything

is softer and

more beautiful"

- Norman Vincent Peale

I'll need to head down to our local green grocer and supermarket tomorrow or Wednesday to get our Christmas lunch menu underway. We are hosting 10 adults and 12 kids, I have asked my beautiful sister-in-laws to bring some fruit platters and some Christmas puddings. Here's what I have planned thus far for lunch;

Rolled pork

Tomato and feta salad

Garlic prawns

Roast turkey

Green beans with feta

Pomegranate & feta lamb cutlets

Dani Xmas Menu

Food is all about sharing the love and appreciation for others, sometimes there are no words to describe when preparing food for your loved ones. I hope the above food ideas I have shared with you will inspire you to make an amazing meal this Christmas. Consider inviting those near you that are less fortunate to spend this special time with your family and friends, sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

If not possible, here's an awesome initiative from Virgin Mobile and Oz Harvest #mealforameal. Instead of throwing food away or having no clue what to prepare with leftovers, take your festive feast leftovers and turn them into more delicious meals with these recipes and tips from some of the country’s best chefs.

Share your leftovers recipe creations using #mealforameal to start helping people in need today!

Where are you spending Christmas Day?


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