My busy week & cocktail outfit

The days are just flying! This time last week I was in Sydney (in excruciating pain mind you, as I have had a lower back injury. My pelvic floor muscles went into a spasm attack, similar to a groin injury. It has tilted my pelvis forward and all my lower back facets have pinched my nerves! OUCHA!!!) It's all good. I just need to slow down, so I may be a little late in sharing our gym workout. So let's make it a mini 6 week gym workout we can do together? Apologies for not receiving anything last week, I thought I would get better soon but I need to take it easy! Doctors orders... I've had some amazing meetings recently and partnered with some major key brands Telstra, Microsoft and Woolworths. I'll fill you in with more details when they start to evolve. One will be featured tomorrow, so keep your eyes opened. They're all about helping me bring YOU #teamdani more Fitness Food And Lifestyle value to live an amazing healthy and happy life!!!!


Dani Stevens partners


During the next couple of weeks while my back sorts itself out, I will do some light core strength exercises eg: pilates and yoga movements. And make sure I am eating right. It's been a little hard when travelling but I do try and pack healthy snacks as much as I can, and hey! sometimes I slip. Especially when I'm out and about for work functions or cocktail nights.

Today I have planned;


Mango and raspberry oats

Green smoothie


Yogurt, apple and walnuts



Tuna salad

Fruit salad


Grilled chicken with rocket pear and Parmesan salad (click to watch me make this simple salad here)

NB: Drinking my water bottle 800ml x4 per day. Hydration is key!

How about you, are you still meal prepping for your day and ensuring you are taking care of yourself? You know that's where it's at. We are what we eat and I got in some trouble over winter and piled on some unnecessary padding. Ha ha. So I am working on that with summer just around the corner.

Now back to some Dani style and my cocktail outfit...On top of successfully guiding you all to eat and train well, I'm loving these various cocktail events I'm attending for my online business as well as my private life.

Gessica has once again nailed my cocktail outfit which is true to my funky style. Thanks Gess.

A feather fringe look mini skirt worn with a fitted lace bustier under the ‘feature’ white and sequence trim jacket, is a true cocktail statement.Mix the pattern with some animal print sandals and Aztec style earrings and you have a lovely cocktail affair.

image (1)

Fringe/Feather style skirt from Get the Look  White Blazer with gold sequence trim from H&M 

Morgan black lace bustier top found on House of Fraser  Animal print sandals from Nine West 

Large Gold Envelope Clutch from Mimco  Gold and Black Pyramid earrings from Zowie 

With the festive season fast approaching have you many functions and events you will be attending? What are some of your struggles when getting ready for these types of night outs?

Let me know if I can help.


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