Burlesque fancy dress, good times & a hail storm

What a weekend!! You know when you have the best weekends EVER you don't really mind the lethargic, sluggish, eye burning, head thumping feeling whilst managing 4 kids under 7 the following day! Yes, it's not every weekend thank goodness. Maybe twice a year!
Here's a snapshot of our Burlesque theme engagement party.
Burlesque night out
My outfit thanks to my gorgeous friends/sister-in-law...
Burlesque fancy dress
There were burlesque dancers, shirtless waiters with braces, gourmet canapé food being served, fabulous music etc.... all in this gorgeous penthouse apartment.
You'll always find me where ever there is an exquisite chef and of course a waiter....
So a sensational night indeed, hitting our pillows at 4am!!!! Ahh....they were the days!!! 
Hail storm Friday night approx. 8:30pm
Ohhhhh....how can I forget to tell you about our hail storm Friday night? Our front door step was like a winter wonderland and kids had fun playing with the ice. We were without power for 24 hours, luckily we were in Melbourne the following day!!! No major damages although it did look like carnage on our roads the next day as we are surrounded by the bush AKA gum tress, so a lot of them were the cause of our NO POWER!!!! 
Hail storm 
Eating relatively clean, exercising regularly and for those wanting to join the Fit Yummy Mummy Holiday Hottie Challenge, it starts today! You can register and become a member or simply follow me. As I mentioned in my last post I am also doing a #Xmas25Squats challenge which started Saturday. Just for that added incentive over this festive season. So a BIG thank you to all those participating on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you are following me for daily fun pics!
I love it! Pictures are great and we are giving each other plenty of ideas on when and how to fit in exercise.
Squats challenge
Protein pancakes with ricotta cheese, a small dollop of no added sugar jams, lemon & honey and maple syrup 
Protein pancakes
Morning snack
Kiwi, raspberries & apricot with yogurt
Egg, spinach, tomato salad served with ricotta cheese
Egg salad
Afternoon snack
180 Nutrition coconut green smoothie
Roasted chicken in tomato & basil marinade served with pumpkin & brocollini
Chicken roast
Have a sensational start to the first Xmas "countdown" week. We ❤ Christmas !!! How about you??? What's the tradition at your place???
Xx Dani

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