Bring on this sensational summer weather and let's do some SQUATS!!!

Hello everybody how are things? Just dandy here in fact we're super excited about our summer weather and our COMING SOON pool that we got the water pistols out!!!
I had a sleep in this morning, managed a workout since ? I can't remember when! so all in all, pretty thankful for my day. I love the fact that it only takes me 15 minutes to work out following the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss system. As you know I am extremely time poor so this fits perfectly into my day. 
How do you keep fit and make sure it's regular? Due to fact that I don't go to any Bootcamp, or pay for a gym membership I myself need to motivate and encourage myself to do exercise. How about you? Can you workout by yourself or prefer to be surrounded by others for extra support. Either way, you're still working out so whatever works best! I say go for it!!!
Food has been good beside the non frogurt style I make. Our kids deserved a treat today as they have less sugar than us (yes that's right, we're the ones at night on the couch eating chips and an entire block of chocolate, not them) so they miss out! So we bought a box of those chocolate coated icecreams with choc, peppermint & vanilla ice creams. Yum!
Tomorrow however they will have their frogurts and fruit ice pops which I have just finished preparing. Simple and fresh ingredients. Natural Greek yogurt, fresh fruit of your choice and (if using) honey. 
Frozen fruit FROGURTS
Spinach scrambled eggs
Morning snack
PWOS 180 Nutrition coconut protein drink
Tuna salad
Afternoon snack
Cream cheese on corn thins and fruit
Home made pizzas (Jamie Oliver I love you!)
This was a mixture of Hawaiian and Australian (with egg) pizza, then I sprinkled a little bit of Europe AKA kalamata olives :-)
For my non FYM followers and especially on Instagram and Facebook, I'm thinking of running a "25 per day squat challenge". What do you think? Need your feedback as I need all the support I can get.
So what I'm thinking (and please add your ideas below in the comments) is we do 25 squats PER DAY. Doesn't matter what style eg: squat kicks, jump squats, or my Swiss ball squat.....
Wall squat with a Swiss Ball
We can spread the 25 squats throughout our day eg: we can do 10 when we're brushing our teeth or at school pick whilst waiting for our kiddo's  (just kidding) but you get the drift. Just fit it in whenever, throughout your day. Or you can do 5 sets straight away where you do 5 squats, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat until you've done all 25. What do you think?
Let's see if our tush gets a bit of a butt lift before Christmas.
I was hoping we could start Saturday 1st December and do our final 25 squats on Christmas Day?
Let me know your thoughts. I'm also going to try my hardest and cut back on added sugar. A mini sugar free challenge in my head.
We hope you're having a sensational weekend!!! Until we meet again.
Xx Dani

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