Breaking my comfort zone - running

Who would've thought I could run for 7kms????

Well I did it this morning! Seriously, I am SOOOOO outta my comfort zone as I am one lazy Mama!!! (I know you might not think it but I am and if I can take short cuts, trust me I'd be the first one there!!!) Time is typically not on my side and I think sheesh I could be doing this or doing that or whatever the heck I was thinking when I was running this morning. 
My main motivation was when I read Celeste's sms after telling her I had slept in:
"Go on. You can crack 6k today I bet! 7" followed by another seconds later....
"Sorry about 7. Slipped"
If she thought I could do it, well so did I! AND I DID IT!!!!
May I just add, we had a Trivia Night last night at Noah's primary school. An absolute ripper of a night and classic table of us Grade 1 Mama's. Especially the giant hip thrusting and achy breaky heart moves!!! Love you girls xx. So by the time I got home, caught up with Adrian it was 1am!!! 
1. Our table of platter selections 2. Gorgeous Mexican dipping sensation
3. Fresh tasting rice paper rolls 4. Various crackers and dips with cheeses
Then the lovely Zali woke up at 4am followed by 5:30am so I slept in and actually missed my running group at 8:15am. However I had a voice in my head telling me to get outta bed (yeah crazy I know, it was my turn for a sleep in too!) so with one eye opened, I headed out the complete one of the most ridiculous things I thought I could NEVER do!!! As Justin Beiber sings NEVER SAY NEVER ;-))
Workout yesterday was spontaneous at the park with the kids!!! Here's me practising with Celeste's new 10kg weight while our kids were playing on the play equipment and park darling 4yo was my photographer, great isn't he? 
1. Squats 2. Swings 3. Reverse lunge arm press
Also did a 2km interval run. Felt fabulous!!! 
Here's my food for the last couple of days.....
Vita brits with fruit
2 pieces of toast with coconut butter and apricot jam (no cane sugar added)
Pear porridge latte protein drink! 

Yes, call me crazy but after my run I needed: 

1. a coffee to wake up 
2. a protein post "run" drink and 
3. needed my breaky. 
So what did I do? Put it all in this blender and whizzed it all up!! Yummo!!!!

Morning snack
Apple and almonds
Yogurt with fruit
Tuna and spinach on wholegrain pumpkin seed sandwiches 
Chicken and mushroom rice
Shredded carrots & celery
Chopped up capers & sundried tomatoes
Feta cheese
Seeded dijon mustard
Simply mix and combine then add to whatever bread with spinach leaves.
The smile is for you xx
Left over chicken and mushroom rice
Afternoon snack
French toast
banana and pecan nuts

My grazing platter (AND everything you see in above pic of various Trivia Night food platters)

Stuffed peppers, hard boiled eggs, hummus, spinach & feta dip, olives, brie cheese, fruit & crackers

I was unstoppable last night, from all the various grazing plates, mexican platter, fudges, M&M's, chocolate muffins etc....I had it all!!!! Seriously don't invite me to these things again, I have no self control. The food was calling my name "Eat me! Eat me!". 
I was on a SEE FOOD diet last night!!!

Okay I'm off to bed my beautiful people (kids just went half hour ago). I hope you're having an amazing weekend so far and I look forward to reading from you soon xxDani

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