Breakfast inspo for the week

When it comes to breakfast we always need a little variety throughout our week. Having 6 different tastebuds can be challenging but at the same time so much fun, you know how much I love experimenting with food. Especially with school starting today, it's gotta be fresh, quick and easy. So here are our favourites and I hope you and your family enjoy them too!

Monday - Smoothie fruit cereal

Blend strawberries and raspberries (or whatever fruit you have) add 3 tablespoons of oats, place in bowl and decorate with 1/2  kiwi fruit, black Chia & linseeds, goji berries, handful of blueberries, 1/4 mango puree and 1 passionfruit. Our kids love styling their breakfast!



Tuesday - Overnight Chia puddings

All you do with these babies is soak overnight with 1-2tsp of Chia seeds with your favourite milk (we alternate with coconut, almond and organic milk) and top with your favourite fruit!


Wednesday - Fruit yogurt fondue

We wash and cut our seasonal fruit and add our favourite yogurt. We are loving the Vanilla Bean by FiveAM with a sprinkle of cacao.


 Thursday - Fruit Green Smoothie

There's always spinach in our fridge so we add a few cups and whatever fruit is in the bowl or fridge with a splash of coconut water and BOOM! Breakfast is done in under 1 minute!


 Friday - Fruit Parfait

These are super easy and fun to make with the kids, chop, dice your favourite fruit and layer with whatever you wish..... yogurt, muesli, nuts etc...

fruit-and-yogurt-parfait (2)

Happy Monday and enjoy!



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