Bloom wellness retreat

Hi everyone, it's a brand New Year and I am super excited that we are all focused on reaching our new goals for 2014. A new year gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate and refocus our attention to what we want to achieve.

As you all know, I was extremely fortunate to go away to the Gymea Retreat recently. The retreat was facilitated by the amazing Amber from Bloom Wellness and was just an experience I cannot recommend highly enough. I met some amazing people and totally got inspired by the health practitioners and professionals that were there to help us reach our goals. I also met my "sister from another mister" Nicole Joy and look forward to our friendship blossoming.

WOWZA!! What a really relaxing time, it's the best thing ever! A retreat is exactly what a health practitioner ordered! 

If you have never been to a wellness retreat, you may be wondering what to expect and think it is geared up specifically for hippies. Not the case and here's what I experienced - it was a total escape outta this world, solace, a haven for getting away from the grind and reflecting inward. It gave me a chance to reconnect with myself, solve some challenges I had prior to attending, gave me a fresh outlook and perspective on life. It restored my health and hey, I even dropped a few kilograms with eating all that raw food :-) 

I know we're all busy, trust me I know. With 4 kids under 8 years I am constantly on the move so this came at exactly the right time.  A retreat gives you time to reflect on your life, ponder your next move and questions whether your lifestyle supports your wellness aspirations.

Although I was able to attend an offsite retreat, I understand this is not physically or financially possible for everyone. With this in mind, there are other ways to achieve this goal.

To find nirvana, you need the tools of the trade along with a quiet space to put this into practice.

So leave me your comments below with your #changeforthebetter health and wellness goals for 2014 and please add your Instagram and Facebook username if you have one.  


Much love and friendship,

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