Barley and chia pudding recipe

This would have to be an old favorite of mine. As kids growing up my Mum used to make puddings from polenta, semolina, rice and barely. Today chia has been my modern twist to my Mums traditional puddings.I hope you enjoy it! Barley and chia pudding
Chia pudding
1 packet of barely
1 cup of chia seeds (I used The Chia Co.)
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod
1ltr milk or more depending on the consistency you like (choose your preferred coconut, almond or full cream milk)
Cook barley as per packet instructions. I typically soak them the night before to quicken the cooking process. Add your milk, spices and chia and allow to bubble. Keep adding more milk until your desired consistency.
We serve ours with maple syrup, honey or fresh fruit. Also a dollop of Greek yogurt is delish.
What's one of your traditional childhood meals that you have fond memories of eating?
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