Back to basics and moving your body everyday

I have promised myself to make time for me and to move my body every single day of my life. No matter where you are in your busy day - in an office or running errands - you gotta take 15 minutes to move. Try a walk, a quick burst of squats and lunges with heel kicks, or even a quick 4 minute tabata session. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that YOU enjoy doing. If it's a burden or a chore, you won't keep it up. You have to enjoy it, otherwise you slip behind and wonder why you aren't feeling healthy or looking fit. So... my typical day is just like this.

Wake up between 6-6:30am and go for a walk and try and meet the sunrise. It's a must now that I live 200 metres from a gorgeous beach. If I don't manage it, I feel I have let myself down. After all, I have moved our entire family to the beach to experience this picturesque setting so I need to make the most of it and be grateful that I can experience this beauty. You might not live near a beach but that's okay. Find the beauty in your own local neighbourhood and take your exercise routine to the streets, or parks. If you need extra inspiration, visit me here anytime - I love sharing the stunning shots of my daily sunrise and beach walks for you to enjoy.

Sunrise Dani Stevens


I always try and have a fully raw breakfast that sets me up with the energy I need to keep me going throughout my day. Nothing beats a fresh fruit salad with a dollop of natural Greek yogurt.

Bfast Dani Stevens pomegranate


Typically, Zali and I make lunch at home unless I have meetings or we are out and about and need to have something on-the-go. Here's a typical dish I would order that would have both produce and protein to ensure we have a healthy balanced meal at every meal time. This is a sour dough salad (shared with Zali on her plate) with fresh herbs, tomato, mozzarella cheese with an onion and olive tapenade. Yum!

Dani Stevens lunch ideas


We are loving our Japanese chicken and sobo-inspired noodle soup - especially now that winter has kicked in. It's super quick - you can grab a tandoori sauce from your local supermarket and sauté some chicken while your broth is simmering away with chicken stock, green shallots, seaweed, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, greens, soya sauce. Then simply garnish with spring onions and that’s it! Looks great AND it's super tasty.

Dani Stevens Japanese Soba Soup

How you going with our "keep it up" action over at YOU-app with Jamie Oliver? I am loving hosting this month's "MOVE" micro-action as it's all about ways to move our bodies every steps count and make a definite difference. We can achieve small things throughout our day and guess what? You get fit at the same time too. How cool is that?

I'm getting back to basics again and I am loving strengthening my core each day again with our 2 minute planks. Any opportunity I can get throughout my day, I'll bang out these babies anywhere, anytime... so come on over and join us!

Dani Stevens planking on YOU app with Jamie Oliver

Happy Thursday and let me know what baby steps you are making to improve your day-to-day dreams...I am here to help you celebrate the goals you achieve along the way in your fitness journey. You can change your life. I did - and I'm still having fun doing it.



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