Awesome Airbnb Sydney getaway

What a weekend! Our family holiday in Sydney was S E N S A T I O N A L. I was a little distracted from posting on Monday as we were still in travel mode and yesterday the kids went back to school but I'm back on track today baby!!! Dani Stevens Airbnb getaway

From exploring the fun of Airbnb to just hanging out and laughing together for the whole weekend – with no interruptions. Fantastic!

The kids loved their bedrooms as typically we stay in hotel interconnecting rooms, so being in the same space together was awesome. Kinda like being at a friends place. So cosy and felt like home.

Airbnb belong anywhere Dani Stevens

Moving came easily for us – Sydney has so many things to see and do. Walking along the beach is a favourite thing to do in any place we visit. In fact we walked 3kms from our home to Bondi beach on Friday!

Tamarama Bondi Coastal walk Dani Stevens

We explored the local shops, cafes and especially loved the Tamarama to Bondi coastal walk, totally breath taking! We felt like such locals walking around to everything, so close to Bondi Junction and we could catch the bus to get around wherever we wanted to go. The girls especially loved picking the gorgeous flowers during our walks.

We were told our local bakery was the place to go for fresh jam donuts and pastries. There were no complaints from the kids. Yummo!

Airbnb local attractions Dani Stevens

I even managed a little interval running session at Hyde Park as Adrian checked out his running route for his City2Surf event next month! Word of advice, get in early and book yourself an Airbnb pad to get the best spot to watch all the action. It's going to be fantastic!!!  In fact I ended up getting a discount after I booked this trip so for anyone that is looking at booking a getaway any time soon, feel free to use this $34 AUD credit on your next trip. Thanks Airbnb!

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Staying in someone else’s house is no excuse to stop moving. As a family we find fun ways to move our body and did a hula hoop competition that our lovely hosts left for us. No need for lots of space, just some smooth hip moves. Little did everyone know hula hooping keeps your body in control for some serious strength benefits and toning. When was the last time you did a hula hoop Battle Royale?

Hula hoop fitness Dani Stevens

The great thing about Airbnb is having access to a regular kitchen for some healthy eating. Yum! These quick, easy and simple smoothie bowls only took minutes and I was punching the air there was a blender as that's the only breakfast Mietta will have these days.

That made a really easy breakfast for us and gave us all the energy we needed to go explore such a beautiful city.

Banana smoothie bowls

Banana smoothie bowls Dani Stevens



Natural Greek Yogurt

Splash of milk

Grated apple and orange rind*


Blend all ingredients until smooth and *garnish with grated apples and orange rind. Enjoy!

Good vibes Dani Stevens

After my break with my amazing family, I am motivated to take more holidays! For sure!

Being busy is good for your mind and we all have to work, don’t we? But there is definitely great benefits from taking time for yourself and when you can spend that time with the people you love most in the world – it just makes everything better.

What did you do to enjoy some down time on the weekend? And what will you do today to get your body moving for an active week of brilliance?

I’d love to hear about how you stay motivated.....

Sending you good vibes!



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