August Sleep Challenge

How did you go tracking your sleep these last couple of days? It's pretty hard to push yourself to go to bed when YOU, ME and WE have a list of "things to do" as long as our arm! You know what? They can wait until tomorrow. Seriously. The world's not going to end. YOU on the other hand need to take things easy and start getting into the habit of going to bed early, on time and on a regular basis.

I'm a shocker when it comes to my iPhone and emailing or tweeting at all hours of the night. No wonder that bright light has me hooked and I can't get to sleep cos there's another email to answer or tweet to read or retweet and so on... it never ends!

Studies have shown that the glow from our devices at night has some serious effects on quality shut-eye.


It’s all based on science. You see, the small amounts of light that come from your gadgets and devices passes through your retina into a part of your hypothalamus (that’s the part of your brain that controls your sleep activities). The result? The delay of the all-important sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

And, if you’re like me - one of those habitual late-night workers (cos my real day job is a SAHM ;-) you’re causing more mayhem to your sleep patterns because, as you consistently stay up late, you readjust your internal body clock and you actually get delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Text messages have the same impact. And even if you use your smartphone as your alarm clock on your bedside table and roll over to touch the screen to check what time it is, you’ve just seen that glowing screen. The alternative? Pack the phone away and go back to basics with an old-school alarm clock. Your body will thank you for it (and you’ll get used to that bell, I’m sure!). If you’ve got kids who also use their devices as alarm clocks for school day wake-ups, change their habits now. You’ll be doing them a favour for life.

PLUS let's go old school and not rely too much on technology for this months challenge, so do yourself a favour and print this sleep chart and have it handy somewhere to check off in the mornings.

Clink Link for PDF

Happy hump day and get to bed by 10pm the latest tonight. Deal?


Enjoy your sleep tonight and if you want some goodies as an incentive at the end of the month for looking after yourself, then come register now. I would love to share some slumber products with you.

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PS: I know you must be pretty keen to check out my day with the Volvo crew yesterday in Canberra (and a big shout out to beautiful Ella from NAK hair who managed to make my hair look amazing! THANK YOU! Here's a sneak peak of my hair do on Instagram) and more snippets on Facebook, and there was plenty going on over on Twitter PLUS my love of Periscope with awesome Simon Thomsen from Business Insider. We had the biggest laugh testing this sexy machine and I can't wait to share MORE on the #AllNewXC90 baby very soon! It is an exquisite and luxurious car to drive, I felt like a true rockstar mama and I know how much our kids are going to love it as well!!! Watch this space.....

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