August 31 day water challenge and my squat results

Another challenge is here!!!

31 day water challenge - Fitness Food And Style 

Please print out and have it handy on your fridge, at the office, inside your pantry door, inspiration board etc… so you can keep accountable as I know, I have been hopeless with my water intake over the winter months here in Australia.

The other challenge I thought we could set ourselves is a couple of personal ones. As you all know I have my BIG Ride To Conquer Cancer event coming up in Brisbane, so I will share my “bike ride” fitness regime that a High Performance Athlete Trainer created for me. 

My other goal is to get more upper body strength. So I will be trying to do a variety of push ups, pull type exercises and planks. For more information on the various challenges, click on the links or go to my challenges tab and choose what you would like to do here. Whatever you choose, please take a before and after picture so you can see your progress. 

July results – no added sugar and 50 squats challenge

My results for our July no added sugar and 50 squats every second day aren’t jaw dropping by any means but I just wanted to show you how a month of at least squatting can improve your tush a little. Excuse the 2nd underwear picture but it was the only time I could get my little one to take a picture and I couldn't find my swimmers which is why I wanted to do a real comparison for those that wanted the same bottoms, light or time of day. Sometimes these things are not possible in my day, so please forgive me.

Fitness Food And Style 31 day squat challenge - results 

It’s not a huge difference (as you know, I am no fitness model. I am just a regular Mum of 4 kids trying to fit in fitness at any opportunity I can). I missed a few days of squats due to being fatigued with my cycling training and I have also been pretty hopeless with my no added sugar meals. So those 2 combinations, if they are not working in conjunction with one another won’t improve our body shape.

Work in progress is all I can say.

Please list your 2 goals for our August challenge and ensure you subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post this month.

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