An update ... it's almost the end of an amazing journey

If you've been following my Ride To Conquer Cancer journey this year, you'll understand the mixed bag of emotions I have now as the final ride, in Adelaide, looms.

A chance meeting with Klaus Bartosch in March this year saw me (back then a non-cyclist) thrown right into the Vision Crusaders. This mob have turned out to be more of a family than a team, what a bunch of amazing, dedicated and crazy riders they are - all pedalling for a dream - a cure for cancer!

So very much has happened since our first ride in Brisbane. Who knew that the first ride of our Grand Slam attempt (aka to complete all 6 rides, a feat never done before) would also be the start of an amazing journey with rollercoaster highs and lows.

The very thrill of Sir Richard Branson responding to our global campaign to secure his support was undoubtedly a high point for me, as has been the raising of tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research by the Vision Crusader team,  all donated to medical institutions in each state. Fantastic!!

This has been challenging on all members of the team but one person, our Vision Crusaders' captain, Klaus, has been hit harder than most.

Ironically, only days before the Sydney ride, Klaus was hospitalised to begin treatment for Acute Leukaemia. I bet you can imagine how pumped the team was to turn on an awesome ride in support of the man who was meant to be there with us to raise funds to cure the disease he was now fighting. We were riding to cure cancer, and to cure Klaus.

He WAS with us though, we carried Klaus's jersey, wrote his name on our arms and kept him updated over social media. It was a huge weekend - physically and emotionally. But, as a team we rode our hearts out.

Klaus is now home from hospital, still receiving outpatient treatment, but without hair. As a mark of support a number of the guys from the team have also shaved their heads .... but truthfully I have to say some rock the chrome-dome better than others ;)

To be honest, I'm not a bald kind of chick, and I know my 4 kids would be terrified if I shaved mine all off. They'd panic about me being unwell and the youngest babes just would not understand. But I truly wanted to help and show my support .... so this is the plunge that I took. Check out the before and after - it's not shiny, bald and smooth but it's a drastic cut for me!

Fitness Food And Style cuts her hair for a good cause
I haven't had hair this short in years, but after a few days now I'm almost used to it and calling it "my get ready for summer" do!
To help with some fundraising for my last RTCC in Adelaide, I'm hoping the hair chop can bring in some dollars. The statistics around cancer are frightening - 1 from every 3 Australians are likely to suffer - and all profits from the RTCC events in Australia go directly to research facilities in the host city. If you can spare a donation in support of my disappearing hair you can get further details here.
Other than that, if you like popcorn and a good movie and are into The Hunger Games, this coming Thursday night I'll be hosting a fundraising night and would love to see you there if you're a Melbournite :)
Where: Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins St, Melbourne
When: Thursday 28th November 2013 at 6pm
Price: $25 per person (email for tickets)
The Vision Crusaders have been a huge part of my 2013 and I'm thankful to be able to count all of them as friends. Each one of them has an inspirational story and will be part of my life forever.
Tell me, who inspires you to push yourself further than you dreamed possible?
Much love and friendship
xx Dani

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