An old Serbian traditional dish revamped

I was going through some old posts when I stumbled across this one. Can you believe it? It will be 2 years next month since I opened this blogger account. Thanks so much for being a part of my world. So glad you have been on my ride. Can't wait to share the next part, a new website which I am totally excited about and would love your feedback. I will post shortly to get some input so we can create an amazing place we can hang out.   It was my Mum's 66th Birthday yesterday and I spoke to her while she has been in Serbia looking after my Baba AKA Grandmother. So the below Serbian traditional beauty is back on my chalkboard menu :-) I hope you enjoy it!!!   10th June 2012 We had a great today, I did my 15 minutes  Fit Yummy Yummy resistance training and a quick tabata workout as we had to get out the door quick smart! Of course after my very long sleep in 10AM!!!! Thank you to my darling husband Adrian for giving me a sleep in. I love you. It was such a gorgeous winters day today and I managed to capture that beauty on my new instagram account, oh how I love thee!!! Loving all those filters.
Lake Wendouree Ballarat

Here is our youngest daughter Zali and I, having some photos together at home on her 10 month birthday today!!!! ;-)

Now....getting back to some food. After my workout this morning I had a post workout shake. It's always important to fuel your body with supportive foods. 1 banana 180 Nutrition protein powder 1tbs frozen raspberries 250ml of water/milk NB: get your exclusive 10% discount off all 180 Nutrition products. Use promo code 264464 at check out  Breakfast rather brunch (remember I had a sleep in) I typically poach our eggs but fried these in olive oil  Served with cheese, tomatoes, spinach and corn thins 

This presentation of an egg monster face was for the kids :)

Afternoon snack Fruit salad with a sprinkle of walnuts 1 blackcurrant tea 2 peanut butter cookies Dinner Chicken paprika served with golden puree, dollop of natural yogurt, lemon rind and chives



Now this brings me to the title of this post. I remember trying to get a piece of the "cooking" action in the kitchen when I was a little girl but the only action I would get from Mum was a wave of the "Drvena kašika" wooden spoon! :-))) ha ha (sorry Mum). Let's just say kids in the kitchen wasn't a favourite activity with my Serbian Mum. Nevertheless the cooking was always something I remember and here is my version of a classic Serbian meal we used to have growing up as kids. Mum typically served this with either white rice or mash potato and of course with a BIG dollop of sour cream :-)))) YUMMO but I have placed my healthier twist on this type of meal and hope you enjoy it. My revamp version: Dust 600g sliced or diced chicken with GF or sometimes I use rice flour Season with salt and pepper Shake in a zip lock bag and dust off any excess flour Heat some olive oil in a fry pan and cook the chicken Once browned, add a diced onion, 1tbs paprika and water to allow these juices to absorb and cook for approximately 20 minutes, stirring regularly  and add water if the mixture becomes too dry. I typically stir natural yogurt through the chicken mix and serve with a sweet potato and carrot puree.

Growing up what was your favourite food?

Much love and friendship, xxDani

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