Ab challenge concludes with pictures and please post YOUR results

Hi there, how are things going??? I hope everyone has had a terrific start to September and enjoying our Spring season (for those readers here in Australia) and yes, for those that just finished their Summer, thank you very much it's now our turn. I can't wait for the warmer months and heat treatment to arrive, I love the beach!!! The salt water!!! Oh yes and I'm sure I'll love our pool too, can't wait to share that with you in the next few months.

Please let me know if you prefer my daily food posts or don't mind when it's been a couple of days. Remember this is for you as well, so I am here to please :-)

Here are my meals these past 2 days:

Creamy oats with plum compote and walnuts

~ Eggs sunny side up with avocado (cherry tomatoes not pictured) with feta quinoa

Morning snack
Apple and walnuts

~ Natural Greek yogurt with fruit, chia seeds and walnuts

4 bean mix & chicken salad with ciabata & strawberry dressing

~ Left over salmon, green beans and creamy silver beet jus

Afternoon snack
Green smoothie

My kids refer this to Shreks and Incredible Hulks smoothies and they are jam packed with vitamins, iron, protein, omega and much much more!!! So when they come home from school, I love the fact that they are getting all this stuff in their growing bodies.

1 cup of spinach
1 banana
3 strawberries


Blitz to preferred consistency (add more water, milk or yogurt). We mix these smoothies up with whatever fruits we have, they like honey and add yogurt in the mix. It's really all experimental at our house. Even chia seeds and sesame seeds go in! All the merrier I say!

~ 1 banana and handful of walnuts

Grilled salmon with steamed green beans, julienne carrots and creamy silverbeet jus

Creamy Silverbeet jus
bunch of Silverbeet
1/2 onion
crushed garlic
corn flour (or flour of your choice)
organic butter or olive oil

Rinse silverbeet thoroughly, finely dice up an onion, crushed garlic and fry with some organic butter (or a splash of olive oil (I was making baby Zali's freezer side meal and the butter just has that sweeter taste) add a little sprinkle of corn flour (I used buckwheat) and cook for 2 minutes. Add silverbeet, milk and cook until wilted. Splash some milk and cook until soft. Keep adding milk once mixture starts thickening or sticking to the pan. Season as required with S&P.

~ Chicken chilli and vegetable soup

I did my workout tonight followed by a chocolate post workout shake (PWOS) and feel fabulous!!!! Well hot and sweaty really....

Just to prove it to you here's a quick clip :-)

I completed the FYM workout from the Transformation Kit I am following over these next 10 weeks and sheesh!!! The spiderman crawl to push up was a killer!!! As you may be aware, I have no push up power which is something I hope to overcome these next 10 weeks!!! The other killer workout was the Swiss Ball (SB) Jackknife which I had to modify slightly due to my left wrist and pelvis instability. All in all a fabulous workout and loving the blood pumping feeling throughout my body!!!! WHOOOOOSH!!!!!

Okay now it's time for bed. Until we meet again, please leave me a comment especially those TT12 and ab peeps that followed me these past 3 weeks. How did you go??? How was the entire experience of trying to eat clean, keep to a routine, mentally/physically challenging?

I will need to take a better picture but this was my tummy shot this morning.....can you see my abs? Kinda sort of? I will resurface them slowly.....

5th September 2012

Xx Dani
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December 2011

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