A sugar treat and DATE NIGHT!!!!

Heeeelllllllooooo everybody!!!!! How are you all????? All fabulous here minus my sore throat but nothing some ibuprofen and anaesthetic throat lozenges can't fix!!

Had a great date night, it was fabulous holding hands with the love of my life. The movie not so much. I love Mark Wahlburg, don't get me wrong but this Ted movie just wasn't our cup of tea. Too over the top and language was pretty poor. Wait until it hits your DVD store. We had some laughs but it plateaued. Score out of 10......I gave it a 3.

No workout today ~ day of rest

Orange spiced porridge

Cook porridge on stove top with your choice of milk, add cinnamon stick, cloves and extra cinnamon with a pinch of salt. Chop up oranges and cook until fluffy.

Morning snack
Yogurt with fruit

Sweet potato, spinach, beans and meatballs purée (due to sore throat!!!!)

Sorry it's pretty gross but it was the only way I could get some food into me today!!!

Had a lovely afternoon with the beautiful Celeste and indulged in our very first sweet treat AKA salted caramel macaroon. We thought it would be a nice treat after our 2 weeks no sugar challenge. I did say I wouldn't do any sugar for the remainder of the 6 week FYM challenge but hey! I told you I like to live dangerously and love to break the rules from time to time ;))) ha ha

Oh yes, lovely Jayne joined us for a quick peppermint tea before her massage....I also made a purchase at a vintage shop across the road and bought this gorgeous little hounds tooth skirt for a bargain!!! What do you think? Great find Celeste ;-))))

Afternoon snack
Cheese and crackers (at hairdressers today for Noah's haircut)
Handful of nuts and banana

Mini chicken and beef burgers with fries
Blue Illusion cocktail  ;-)

Short and sweet post tonight. Catch you tomorrow xxDani

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