Monday Meal Planner with No Added "refined" Sugar

What a stellar month February has been!  I have been overwhelmed by everyone's AMAZING No Added Sugar recipes and I can't wait to share them with you in my FREE No Added Sugar eBook which will be available to you wonderful soul soon! I will be sharing my most favourite recipes this month so make sure you keep an eye out on my newsletter next month and if you haven't already subscribed, sign up now for free recipes and eBooks to help you eat more fresh and healthier meals.


Breakfast Papaya Smoothie Sunshine

Lunch Chicken Avocado with Quinoa Salad


chick quin


Snack Donna Hay Fresh + Light raw cacao ice-cream with hazelnut praline

Dinner Chicken thai salad


Breakfast Mango Coconut Pudding

Lunch Risotto stuffed eggplant rollatini. Drizzled with fresh pesto!




Snack   Strawberry and Cream Tarts by Hippie Lane

Dinner Prawn salad with tartar sauce


Breakfast Giant Pancake Pizza

Lunch Vegan beet risotto with a daikon sprout garnish


A vegan beet risotto with a daikon sprout garnish


Snack   Apple Lychee slices with peanut butter & chia seeds

Dinner Oven baked chicken tomato basil with sweet ribbon potato chips & salad


Breakfast Smoothie with Blueberries, banana & papaya

Lunch A sunny egg on a sweet potato frittata and western rice

Snack Fruit, Nut & Seed Chocolate Bliss Balls




Dinner BBQ meat platter with grilled vegetables and salad


Breakfast Raspberry tofu pudding with a chocolate sprinkle and lemon zest.

Lunch Lentil Pattys and biodynamic musculan lettuce

Snack   Super protein packed supper! Farro and broccoli rabe patties with sundried tomatoes and corn


Farro and broccoli rabe patties


Dinner Vegetable and beef stir fry

I am always here to spread the love and inspire you to be AWESOME! Life is meant to be lived and what better way to do it than feeling fresh and energetic! All the right foods and daily exercise routines will give you the bounce to keep going and most importantly be blessed with a happy life!


Happy Monday!

Xx Dani Stevens

Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator

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