A Monday Meal planner to fit in with the busy Festive Season!

So it has happened... yep we are back to reality and settled in already! Routine is slowly getting back in order and the hype of Christmas is not passing! That is okay though as it is our favourite time of year! The kids are still talking about our amazing adventure and are begging for us to organise another cruise. I keep telling them I am onto it lol! Oh it is definitely on the cards.... it was phenomenal.

Another Monday Meal planner that I have set up to make this busy period flow. Nothing better than being organised when there has been such crazy planning, shopping and outings happening!



Breakfast Creamy Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Snacks GF and nut free fruit bars

Lunch Healthy Chicken Caeser Salad


Dinner Vegetable and beef stir fry



Breakfast Smoothie fruit cereal

smoothie bowl

Snacks Coconut and Date Truffles

Lunch Fig and Pear walnut salad

Dinner Chicken & parmesan quinoa bake



Breakfast Pineapple raspberry quinoa served with natural greek yogurt and walnuts

Snacks Apple Chai Muffins


Lunch Salmon Wraps

Dinner Healthy Pizza



Breakfast Carrot Juice

Snacks LSAnzac Biscuits

Lunch French Toast club sandwiches

Dinner Pork Schnitzel with (GF) sweet potato and leak fritter cakes




Breakfast Raw Raspberry Smoothie

Snacks Easy Lunchbox Slice

Lunch Eggs with asparagus

Dinner Prawn salad with tartar sauce



Happy cooking and always ask the little one to pop into the kitchen and lend you an extra hand.  They love, you love, we all love it. Kids have so much fun in the kitchen, especially when you get them peeling prawns! Oscar is always the first one to the bench with three bowls; a bowl of prawns, a bowl of water,  and an empty bowl. He uses the bowl of water to rinse his hands after cleaning one prawn. It is a little time consuming  but I will never complain because we have so much fun and the smiles going around make it all worth while!

Xx Dani

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