A healthy Unicorn party for Mietta's 4th birthday

Here it is, the watermelon unicorn cake!!! WOWZA! The pressure! I wasn't sure if it would turn out okay but hey! when you wing something 1/2hr before your guests arrive, anything is possible.
Watermelon Unicorn birthday cake

My wonderful husband had his 20 year school reunion so he was having a little bit of sleep in, so I was a one woman show. So I grabbed my knife and watermelon and off to work I went!!! Kids were occupied drawing at the kitchen table and trying to sneakily eat any watermelon off cuts! It was all going on!!!

Step 1 - Wash your watermelon and slice in half then in 1/3

Step 2 - Slice your watermelon in 10cm slices

Step 3 - Drain the watermelon between kitchen paper towel to absorb excess water

Step 4 - Sketch your Unicorn in a green crayon (only thing handy while kids were drawing)

Unicorn watermelon cake

Then I sliced the watermelon and placed the pieces as close together as I could, to create the head of the Unicorn.

Watermelon Unicorn cake

Cut a kiwi for an eye, a blueberry for a nostril, cantaloupe for the ear, purple cabbage for the mane and a carrot for the horn! Sprinkle with coconut and you have yourself a healthy white Unicorn cake.

I have never worked under this much pressure before, everyone was coming in to see what I was doing so the nerves kicked in. Oh well, I am just so happy it looked the part.

As this was an early morning party, I thought of the weather as it did get a bit hot. I am so glad I made these blueberry pops as opposed to some white chocolate dipped waffle cones sprinkled with 100 and 1000's (which I was thinking of wrapping in cellophane and wrapping a gold ribbon around as a thank you gift). It's such a sugar overload sometimes at parties that I really tried to make every effort to not add any extra sugar at the party. It's like when people go out and binge drink, it's not necessary. Even on special occasions. Why put our bodies through that trauma? Except if it's Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate, those that follow me know I am hooked on that!

Blueberry Unicorn Pops

I used half a tub of Chobani Natural Greek Yogurt with one punnet of blueberries and a drizzle of honey. I had to make another little batch and added 1/2tsp of coconut sugar. Place in moulds and freeze 2-3 hours.

They were a hit!

Healthy blueberry unicorn pops

All the girls invited received a Unicorn each as well as a small token of thanks for coming to the party. Party food ranged from a bowl of purple grapes, to blueberry sticks and fruit kebabs. We also had coconut popcorn, vanilla unicorn truffles and fruit flavoured water.

Vanilla Unicorn truffles

I poured oats and walnuts in my bullet until they formed a flour consistency, added a touch of water (or you can use milk) and your favourite sweetener honey, maple syrup or in my case I am loving coconut sugar at the moment.

Roll into balls and sprinkle with coconut and refrigerate.

Unicorn 4th Birthday party 

We had a few activity tables to keep the kids entertained from magical play dough to bead making, unicorn horns and pastings. They all had a wonderful time which is why I do what I do. I love it! To see these gorgeous smiles!!!!

Mietta with her big brothers Oscar (left) and Noah (right) 

Here's our fabulous four!! How blessed am I to have these gorgeous 2+2 kids?? Are they ALL really mine?

Noah, Oscar, Mietta our birthday girl and baby Zali

The Unicorn piñata was an absolute hit, even though our middle child smashed the head off with all his might when it was his turn! Sheesh! A bit of anger management for him, I think! The kids were surprised there were no lollies but instead filled with fun stuff like rubber bouncy balls, girls bangles and rings, party poppers, jungle animals etc... I really tried to steer clear from all the sugary treats we typically buy.

Unicorn party with a piñata 

Oh our sweet little Mietta, how much we adore you. Thank you for blessing us with your amazing presence, those dimples and smile, funny sense of humour and cheeky look, very shy and complex at times but so loving and kind that you melt my heart every time you say "Mama,  I love you."

Mietta's 4th Unicorn Birthday Party 

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Do you try and make some healthier party options? Or stick to the traditional sweet stuff?

Much love and friendship,

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