A great day out!

Can you believe between the 2 of us we have 9 children????? Sheesh what a ball they had today. My girlfriend AKA family photographer at Our Girly World caught up this morning at the Bunninyong Farmers Market followed by a play at the park.

Here's the gang minus Zali (who was sleeping)

Mietta, Hallie, Rylan, Grace, Noah, Oscar, Jemma & Milla ~ De Souza Park, Bunningyong

Which reminds me I haven't shared my meals with you since Thursday yeah? In a nutshell;


Bircher muesli

The one pictured below has tinned pineapple with it's juices, sultanas, orange and lemon juices, some of their rind and I added water to cover the oats so this would absorb all it's funtastic flavours in the morning. Then dolloped natural greek yogurt, strawbs and blueberries!

Quinoa with sultanas and blueberries

I'm still an amateur with this grain AKA seed, I still find it has a kinda bitter taste to it no matter how many times I rinse the thing! So I started to experiment with fruit juices whilst cooking along with some water (please check your package for cooking instructions)
PS: Do yourself a favour....when it's just about cooked, spoon it out on a large tray to allow them to become fluffly. I asked a chef when I went out one night as mine always looked and tasty gummy and sticky. This was his secret! I feel privileged ;-)

Morning Snack 
handful of almonds

Yogurt with fruit & hazelnuts for added crunch!


Fried eggs in olive oil with cherry tomatoes, feta and spring onions

Mixed platter of hard boiled eggs, avocado on wholemeal toast, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken & spinach

We were very hungry today after our play in the park!

Afternoon Snack

Cherry tomatoes with avocado, cottage cheese and a sprinkle of paprika (just for some colour and yes it's so good for you too!)

Fruit salad with yogurt  


Flathead grilled fish with peas and mash

Bolognese sauce ontop of spinach leaves

(kids had pasta and this was a quick freezer meal as we had a very late play date Friday night!). Never got to cook our beef and mushroom dish on our meal planner! Oops! Sometimes you need to be flexible around your plans ;-)

What are some of your most fav weekly dishes? How about the kids? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I look forward to meeting you again Xx Dani

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