A Fun, Informative Sugar Quiz!

SUGAR BANNER We all know too much sugar is NOT good for us and yet it’s estimated the average person consumes about 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. So I’ve devised a little sugar quiz for you, so you can see for yourself whether you are over-indulging in sugar. Remember, the recommended daily allowance of sugar for women is no more than SIX teaspoons!

Read each question below and answer as truthfully as possible. Keep a tally of you points and add them up when you're finished.

  1. How often are you hit with a sugar craving?

+1 Every now and then but never daily

+2 Only a couple of times a day

+3 All day, every day

  1. Describe your daily energy levels – be honest!

+1 Constant energy levels throughout the day

+2 I usually experience mid-afternoon energy crashes

+3 I feel very lethargic after big meals

  1. Describe your track record for weight loss.

+1 I can lose weight easily when I focus on the goal.

+2 I have difficulty losing weight no matter what I do

+3 I gave up trying to lose weight a long time ago

  1. Do you experience headaches – whether minor or severe?

+1 Very rarely

+2 A few times a week

+3 Every day

  1. How often do you have mood swings?

+1 Rarely. My mood is fairly constant

+2 Every now and then I feel my moods shift.

+3 Constantly. It’s beyond my control.

  1. If you have a sweet craving, are you struck after dinner and before bed?

+1 Never

+2 Sometimes

+3 Always

  1. If there’s an open bag of sweets nearby, what do you do?

+1 I can have just one and then put the package away

+2 Sometimes I forget there is an open package of sweets.

+3 I can’t have just one. If it is open, I tend to finish the whole lot!

  1. How often do you consume sugary foods like cookies, ice cream, lollies, pastries, or other sweet treats?

+1 Just a few times a month (or never)

+2 A couple of times a week

+3 On a daily basis

  1. How often do you use artificial sweeteners?

+1 Just a few times a month (or never)

+2 A couple of times a week

+3 On a daily basis

  1. How often do you drink soft drinks or sweet tea?

+1 Just a few times a month (or never)

+2 A couple of times a week

+3 On a daily basis


Okay, now you need to add up your points!

10-13 points

Well done you! Luckily sugar isn't a problem. You are definitely NOT addicted to sugar and, when you do consume it, you enjoy it responsibly.

14-19 points

Luckily, sugar doesn’t have a hold over you, even though you enjoy the occasional sweet treat. You might find the idea of cutting sugar out altogether from your diet quite challenging but the fact you enjoy sugar only occasionally means you don’t feel totally deprived. You don’t need to make any changes to your diet.

20+ points

Sadly, you consume more sugar than you should. It’s time to make some changes to your diet. Don’t let sugar or sweet cravings control your eating habits. As soon as you cut sugar out of your diet you’ll notice changes almost immediately. Studies show when we eat less sugar, we have an increase in energy, fewer mid-afternoon crashes and you’ll feel good all day.

I really hope this quiz has been enlightening for you and gives you a bit of clarity, whether you are over-indulging or keeping things in moderation. What little things (or major!) are you doing in your life to cut down on sugar?

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Xx Dani Stevens

Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator


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