A day out!!!! Just what the doctor ordered

Thank you to those that made me realise that it's ok to have a melt down. I'm no perfectionist however I do like to have things under control and manage whatever circumstances and situations come my way. Ok, I do sound like a control freak don't I??? I'm not really, trust me. I am a person that flies by the seat of my pants, winging it mainly, love spontaneity and if I didn't have my credit card maxed out, I would go to the airport and book a flight to Rio De Janeiro, no sweat.

Workout today was amazingly hard! Not sure, perhaps my body was a bit sluggish from going to bed at midnight and then hearing the harmonious sounds of an 11 month old baby at 3am. Then got woken up at 6am and it was still dark outside, cold and I seriously needed some more shut eye BUT no! I have left that Dani behind that makes any excuse under the sun, so I got up put my trainers on and did my workout!!!

Another circuit session and the renegade rows this time were killing me, so I had to do some on my knees.

Pre & post workout drink
Vanilla protein powder with water

Brown organic rice puffs and milk with a side serve of yogurt with fruit salad

Morning snack
hard boiled egg with veggie sticks and sweet potato hummus

My take away meat ball salad with spinach, cucumber and tomatoes (was too busy running after the girls so didn't have time to sit down for lunch as we were going to my SIL @ 1pm)

Afternoon snack
Nut mix and fruit and no I didn't touch the pastry sweets!!! First time EVER in my life to say no!!!

May I just add it was my BIL's birthday yesterday so these sweets were very tempting but I didn't buckle as I wanted to show myself I CAN DO THIS!!! I don't have to be a glutton and just eat everything that is offered to me especially sweets. That's my downfall I have no self control, if I start at one I would have smashed all those profiteroles!!!!

My soon to be 3 year old darling Mietta, had one bite of the white chocolate (I was drooling) and then she left it and said No Mummy!!! I was baffled, like seriously eat it!!! NOW!!!! But no, she must have had an overdose of sugar and walked away.....now that's telling me something.

A very quick stir fry!!! These are my nights when I am short for time, I always prefer fresh produce and only use frozen veggies under extreme emergency. Besides, it's better than take away right?

I pretty much mix a bit of oyster, soya and sweet chilli sauce. Yes added sugar in these but Chinese food tastes better sweet ;-))) I then coat the beef strips with some corn flour and gently fry the onions and garlic, place in a separate bowl and then fry up the beef. Once brown, place back the onions and garlic, cook for another 5 minutes. Then I add the sauces which I quickly whisk together and add some boiling water so there is a bit of broth. Then add the vegetables until cooked and we're done in 15 minutes or thereabouts. I don't typically serve them with noodles but I felt like some thick rice noodles (GF) tonight.


  • Did 4 loads of washing and apologised to the environment for putting them in the dryer
  • My left tonsil has flared up again and I can't swallow!! Seriously this tonsilitis virus loves us!!!
  • Baby Zali only slept for an hour this morning which impacted on my house cleaning powers
  • Was about to leave to go to my SIL but forgot to pack my lunch, brush my hair and put my face on (I only use a tinted moisturiser, mascara, lip gloss and sometimes a brush of blush! This process only takes me 5 minutes)
  • I was that flustered when I got in the car that I was grateful I was out for entire day!!! 

WHoosh!!!!! I hope you had a fabulous day as well and I look forward to when we meet again. XxDani

PS: I am V.E.R.Y excited about tomorrow, catching up with the beautiful Celeste and treating ourselves to a macaroon at CAKE and a coffee before school pick up and then off to Gold Class with the love of my life no.1 Adrian, to watch Ted.

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