A cooking dream

Hello to all my wonderful people!!!!! What a lovely day we had. The morning kicked off with making our own muesli breakfast, kids gave this a thumbs up! Played tiggy and then some crafts while I did my quick workout. Followed by lunch, painting and a cooking workshop this afternoon! Whoosh!! Can these days get any quicker, I don't know about you but I just have to blink and my day is over......

Breakfast Home made Muesli with milk and kiwi fruit

Oats, puffed brown rice, coconut, apricots, cranberries, chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa,  organic corn flakes (sweetened with organic fruit juice) , sesame seeds and walnuts

Here are the kids giving the muesli making session a thumbs up! They even had 2 bowls of this, that's how much they loved it!

I find whenever I engage the children in my baking, cooking etc.... they tend to eat everything I cook as I typically make different meals each time which makes it interesting for them to try.


I did both my resistance and interval training today, same as Fridays session however I did more of a leg workout with my intervals this time and combined it with a squat and shoulder press on the way up! I worked up a good sweat! Maximum 35min workout.

Post workout Vanilla protein shake with water

Morning snack Yogurt with frozen raspberries (kids had maple syrup, pictured below) latte

Lunch French (multi-grain) toast club sandwiches (spinach, smoked ham & parmesan)

This has been a tradition since I was a little girl. Maybe not the club sandwich style but my father absolutely loves french toast and when I make these for our kids, it always remind me of my Tata AKA Dad.


This is a very quick lunch especially when you want to get some protein into your children and they're not big fans of eggs!!! Simply crack eggs, add salt and pepper, give them a quick whisk and dip each side of the bread and pan fry in olive oil until golden. We either eat them plain, or drizzle maple syrup and add fruit or make into sandwiches.

Afternoon snack Cheese platter Bubbles and sparkling water

Dinner Moroccan meatballs with cous cous and yogurt Garlic herb pizza

1. Pizza base got mixed in this square tin and baked, so no other dishes involved 2. End product, yummy pizza!

Dessert Chocolate brownie with cream

1. Same method as above, all ingredients in one pan 2. Chocolate brownie end product ~ de jour!!!!

I definitely had too much food, however this food workshop had to be demonstrated to show all these beautiful examples of how this cookware produces these quick and easy meals!!! One of my lovely Kinda Mums Janet is the Chefs Toolbox Senior co-ordinator, so check out her link for further info and recipes.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as we did. Looking forward to another sensational week. It's my last week for the FYM 6 week challenge, where has the time gone????

My plan this week is to eat clean, post a video of me doing 2 push ups. I couldn't do them tonight, hence no vlog tonight. Besides, my belly is not feeling the greatest, in fact it is rumbling and churning as I type from my 3 days of sugar indulgences. You get that when you're body has been sugar free for over 2 weeks!!!!

Catch you tomorrow XxDani

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