80/20 Fully Raw revised diet plan PLUS a 5 day mini squats challenge YOU IN?

This would be one of the hardest things I've done. So what I did this past week was turn our #standfully rawesome challenge into 80/20. Which means we eat 80% raw foods and 20% animal products eg: yogurt, meat etc... I am feeling a lot better. I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, dizziness and faint type symptoms AND I was always hungry!!! Which made me convert to 80/20 until I get the hang of things.

So my meals have looked like this;

HUGE bowls of mixed fruit salads

Watermelon fruit salad bowl

Green juices and/or smoothies

Green berry smoothie

150g spinach
1 cup of frozen blue/raspberries
2 bananas
1 pear
1 scoop of 180 Nutrition Protein powder
1tbs chia seeds
Splash of water 

Simply use your preferred blender (I have a Kenwood and Scheffield/Magic bullet style blenders) and watch these vitamins, minerals and protein turn into one jam packed and powerful meal!!! Approx. 500 calories

NB: please ensure you use my 10% promo code 264464 exclusively for all my readers, should you wish to order any 180 Nutrition products. They are amazing!

HUGE plate full of raw vegetables

Fully raw vegetable salads

Fruit salads and raw/cooked vegetables with chicken, beef and fish dishes

Silver beet and coconut chicken

This was our dinner tonight. All I had in the fridge was chicken, silver beet, coconut milk, garlic and tarragon herbs. So this is what I whipped up.


500g chicken thighs (cut in bite sizes) seasoned with S&P and
1tsp of tarragon (use whatever herbs you like)
bunch of chopped up silver beet (you can use spinach)
3 gloves of crushed garlic
1 can coconut milk

1. Simply heat sauté pan (I use Chefs toolbox proudly sponsored by Janet Smith
2. Cook chicken with crushed garlic until golden brown. Set aside. 
3. Add chopped silver beet and sauté with chicken juices until soft
4. Pour coconut milk and cook until slightly boiled. 
5. Mix chicken through for a few minutes to absorb all the delish flavours and voila! 

Super quick, super tasty and so yummy with crusty bread if I was eating it!!! ha ha Otherwise with brown rice or quinoa this would be amazing!!!  

What's new?

What's been happening with you? Fill me in with how this challenge has changed your view on your eating, cooking habits and whether you have incorporated at least one raw meal per day?

Things in my world have been go! go! go! Soooo much to fill you in with so I'll try and give you a snapshot;

- Kitchen has been a mess with all the prep work required eating fully raw
- Our kids have been amazing embracing raw foods 
- House is not so home beautiful as I am starting to get real busy with my site and migrating across to Wordpress 
- Lost my iPhone at IKEA on Thursday 
- Flat tyre on my way to Melbourne for a 1stAvailable.com.au drinks and dinner sesh 
- SURPRISE photo shoot (more info COMING SOON)

This weeks mini challenge

So you know how I titled this months challenge as STAND UP AND BE RAWESOME with the beautiful Kristina from Fully Raw, well you have all been doing such an amazing job tagging your food pics BUT I 'aint seeing your sexy leg workouts. So I'm ramping things up and my challenge to you all is 1000 squats over 5 days. You can choose whatever 5 days you want, I'm starting tomorrow Monday 15th to Friday 19th April. 


I am so excited to be collaborating with the sensational Krissy @kmaecags on Instagram who came up with this sensational idea!!! I have been following Krissy since I actively started using Instagram as Fitness Food And Style 7 months ago. She is an amazing athlete and I absolutely adore her ink work!!!! Check out her sexy legs!!!

Are you in? 

This photo shoot was taken last night (I have some very exciting news to share with you VERY SOON). Special thanks goes out to the wonderful Lorna Jane team and our local Ballarat store for kitting me out in their sensational LJ active gear!!! How cool do I look? ha!

So please join us for 5 days to get our legs and butts into gear for this months challenge AND LETS DO THIS!!!! Use #squats1000kin5 so we can see your pics on Instagram

A huge thank you goes out to @fightforfit for sharing this challenge with her 507k followers!! Amanda you are amazing and have been such a wonderful support to me as I share my fitness journey across the globe! Your Instagram page is amazing and I am so proud of you!!! Half a million people are following you! YOU GO GIRL!!! xx

Lorna Jane sexy new active wear - 1000 SQUAT CHALLENGE

5 DAY SQUATS PROGRAM #squats1000kin5

Monday            150 squats        25 squats x 6 sets
Tuesday            200 squats        25 squats x 8 sets
Wednesday       250 squats        25 squats x 10 sets
Thursday          200 squats        25 squats x 8 sets
Friday               200 squats        25 squats x 8 sets

Please feel free to use what ever squat combination you wish. You can either spread it out throughout your day or incorporate as part of your fitness routine.

What do you think??

♥ Dani 

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