6km run I DID IT YAY!!!!

Hello my beautiful people. Well I did it!!! Officially ran 6kms without a stitch or stopping (well I did, to stretch out a pain in my left ankle, other than that!!!) ran like the wind!!!!!

Day of rest so no FYM workout today

Antioxidant berry porridge

When I'm short on time to whip up fresh fruit in my porridge, I simply place a cube of my smoothie mix (each batch I make varies with ingredients and depends entirely on what I have in the fruit bowl, pantry etc...). Today was banana, blueberries, raspberries, apple concentrate, chia seeds, lsa mix. Place all ingredients in your blender and pour in your ice cube trays to freeze. When emergency mornings or snacks are in order, these are such a great short cut without compromising on all the nutrients your body needs.

I simply cook the porridge and mix this frozen cube or cubes in and it cools down our porridge quick smart. I also use these cubes for my smoothies. The idea came from the Creative Gourmet box I once bought in the freezer section.

Morning snack
Raspberry coconut muffins

Wholemeal/buckwheat/oat flour
shredded coconut
2 eggs
1tsp baking powder
macadamia oil
apple concentrate/maple syrup
macadamia nuts (for decoration purposes)

Mix dry with wet ingredients and bake until skewer comes out dry. Today was seriously a baking session with the kids, started off with cracking 2 eggs each, pouring in the flours, milk, oil etc...so no measurements once again. However please base it on any muffin recipe you have made in the past if you wish to experiment with the above "clean" ingredients. x

Left over sweet potato leek soup
2 wholegrain pieces of toast with coconut butter

Afternoon snack
Yogurt with fruit

Chickpea coconut curry

Olive oil
1 chopped onion
2 chopped carrots
1 chopped tomato
curry powder
cumin powder
1 can chickpeas
1 can coconut milk
1 cup of chicken or vegetable stock
kaffir lime and curry leaves

Super quick and tasty dish, sauté onions and carrots with spices. Add spinach, stock, coconut milk, kaffir & curry leaves and cook until soft. Simmer until it thickens. Season with S&P and serve with brown rice and mint.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and I look forward to touching base with you again.

Xx Dani

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