6 week Transformation Challenge starts TODAY 18th June 2012

Hello there, this is me after 4 babies and what seems like a very long journey being pregnant and breastfeeding over these past 6 years!!! I am slowly learning and adapting to my new "clean eating" lifestyle and no, this is not a diet or something I do once in a blue moon. This is now my life! And I love it!!!!


Age: 38
Height: 178cm ~ 5'10"
Weight: 65kgs ~ 144lbs
Hips: 98cm ~ 38"
Waist: 80cam ~ 31"
Body Fat: 22%


  1. Be consistent and workout 4 times per week
  2. Eat clean 90% of the time
  3. Do a  2 week sugar free challenge
  4. Support and connect with my buddies in various social networks
  5. Tone and strengthen my muscles
  6. Lose the fluffy look (hence taking the picture under this particular light
I typically eat 5-6 meals per day which primarily include protein and produce eg: morning snack fruit & yogurt and afternoon snack cheese and apple. I try to avoid the heavily white processed stuff eg: white flour, white rice and of course the main culprit in pretty much everything we eat..... sugar! So next time you grab a yogurt from your local supermarket with fruit already in it and the label reads 99% fat free, DON'T BUY IT! 
It's jam packed with SUGAR!!! Instead get natural yogurt, add your own fresh fruit and drizzle maple syrup or honey over it. While I am at, check the jams that you use too. They ARE LOADED with sugar, so instead go for brands that don't use sugar or say NO ADDED CANE SUGAR. I will make a post with my alternative foods that I have switched since my clean eating journey.

Fruit salad porridge with a pecan and strawberry topping

Below pic is the stove top cooked porridge which I added an entire can of fruit salad (juices and all, without any added sugar of course! Fruit is super sweet and has it's own al natural sugar).
I added cinnamon, vanilla essence and some chia seeds with splashes of milk as it was thickening.

Cottage cheese with kiwi fruit

I'll update you with more on a later post and collate more of my pre and post body pictures. I know there may be some of you that think that I already look great and yes I will agree. I just wanted to share with you that I did tip the scales, over 90kgs ~ 200lbs mind you! and have worked ever since to never do that again!!! My body fat was nearly 40% which is nearly half my body mass. How unhealthy is that?
Just because I am nearly 6' and my fat is elogated ;-) I have the same body composition as someone that is 5' it's just that they are more compact and look a bit more obvious. So please know, I struggled to lose this weight regardless of how tall I look!!!!

What are some of your hurdles as you maintain your body shape or what are you doing to reach your ultimate happy body state?

Until we meet again, hope you're having a magical Monday!!!! XxDani

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