6 Week Transformation Challenge pictures

Woo hoo! I did it. Set some goals and achieved them. Man it feels good. I used to always take short cuts or quit and never really stick to things, hence me getting a wee excited about this!

The Fit Yummy Mummy transformation challenge has finally come to an end and I am pumped that I achieved the following goals: 1. Be consistent and workout 4 times per week I am so pumped that I made a conscious effort to workout regardless of my situation let it be tired, couldn't be bothered or whatever excuses I typically can come up with Wink  2. Eat clean 90% of the time This was amazing and really the main driver of my success, I couldn't have done it without it. Meal planner is paramount and journalling your food shows you exactly what is going in your body. 3. Do a 2 week no sugar challenge (at least 1 week) Cool  YAY!!! I did this and had such a great support network YOU. This is so doable and has become easier each and every time. Highly recommend it! If my 6,4,2 and 11 month old can do it, SO CAN YOU!!! They were my rock, I can't believe they wanted to participate in this challenge with me and stuck to it 100%!!!! 4. Support and connect with my FYM buddies and various social networks My readers, FB fans, friends, family and FYM ladies really stood by me and gave me the motivation to keep going each and every day. I thank YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. 5. Tone and strengthen my muscles I successfully gained some muscle definition and strength (maybe not in my push ups!). My next challenge will be to increase my weights and build lean and strong muscles. 6. Lose the fluffy look  This is still a work in progress, it's improved however I am aiming for that firm, toned look regardless of what light you're in  Tongue out My stats:
Height: 178cm (5'10") Weight: 65kgs ~ 144lbs 64KGS ~ 141lb  Waist (belly button): 80cm~31" 77CM ~ 30" Hips (pubic bone) : 98cm~38" 92CM ~ 36" Muffin top: 88cm~34.5" 84CM ~ 33" Body Fat: 22% 17%

13CM's ~ 5.11" LOST & REDUCED MY BODY FAT BY 5 %!!!!
I'm really happy with my results as I managed to stay true to myself, journal everyday and my food was my main driver along with my workouts. It is possible to get leaner and tone with regular exercise and proper food. I did not want to lose any weight even though I did drop 1kg however hope to gain more muscle mass moving forward.

This was me in September 2011, 2 months post baby no.4 approx. weighing 77gks AKA 170lbs. I typically gained over 30kgs ~ 70lbs in my other 3 pregnancies. This was my first (and last pregnancy) putting on half the weight 18kgs ~ 40lbs.



What changed? I started to eat clean and exercise up until my pelvis instability disfunction kicked in at 32 weeks.  

A big thank you to you all, thanks for following me and reading my posts. You can get your body back after having a baby. I hope my blog has shown you it is possible, even after 11 months of having baby Zali.  ****Stay tuned***** My next goal is to define my muscles and kinda get a six pack happening, this is a work in progress.....

A view from a hip lift tummy crunch *****6 pack COMING SOON*****

I hope you do come back again as I am pumped to be sharing this with you all. Can't you tell how PUMPED I AM????

Please leave me your comments and thoughts on the past 6 weeks and my blog in general.....XxDani

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