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180 Nutrition

For some time, I was  searching for an all organic, raw and vegan protein powder and I am proud to say these guys tick all the boxes. Feel free to peruse their site for more info and grab their sample packs to trial. As it is different to all the other protein powders, there are no synthetic fillers, sugar or preservatives. All ingredients are natural, organic and raw ingredients. You can taste them all in your mouth! It feels different in your mouth, it’s quite unique which sets them apart from the rest!

Hence when I opened the pack and saw the ingredients in their true form! I fell in love instantly. As I could find half of their ingredients in my pantry. And you know me how I like to experiment with food and recipes etc….this is what I came up with:

No-Bake 180 Nutrition Cookie

Ingredients 2 cups of rolled oats 1 tsp sesame seeds 1tsp black chia seeds 1 tsp cacao (for that extra chocolate taste) 1 tsp coconut drizzle of honey 1 scoop chocolate 180 Nutrition Splash of milk

Method Mix all ingredients and add milk to combine until cookie dough consistency. Kids loved it!

My main driver when researching the protein powder, I wanted to make sure that their whey protein isolate was nothing but the highest of quality, nutrient dense, chemical free and of course home grown raw ingredients!!!

Anyhow, that’s my view of the product. Click on their logo and read for yourself and let me know how you go!!! I am really happy with the 2 choices, as the chocolate gives me my sugar fix when I need it and the coconut one works beautifully with my green smoothies, as it’s a neutral tasting powder.


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