My 5 fitness food and style tips for Xmas

As you know the countdown is on! Bring on Christmas I say. Here are my tips on being prepared this year.  


Fitness Preparation on Holidays.png

  1. Take 10! I know things get so busy but if you take 10 minutes to meditate, run or do a quick workout. Better than no minutes.
  2. Be true to yourself. Set realistic goals especially over this busy festive season.
  3. Keep a journal. Diarise how you are eating, exercising you can keep yourself in check
  4. Eat breakfast daily! This is a must to kick start your day. Download my Green Smoothie to keep you energised all day long
  5. Water is king! Keep hydrated throughout the day especially with our summer. Spice it up with some coconut water.



Food Preparation on Holidays.png


  1. Start your grocery, present and decoration lists, etc
  2. Set a Christmas budget and present items (I never did this in the past and this year it worked a treat!)
  3. Freeze small edible flowers into ice cubes and use in drinks. Frozen berries are the best in sparkling mineral water or champagne!
  4. Grab those sweet cherry tomatoes, slice into segments, sprinkle on a platter with basil, sea salt and drizzle olive oil. It makes an awesome Christmas theme edible lunch centrepiece!
  5. Ask for help – organise friends or family early to bring along a dish to Christmas parties or dinners.

As we are hosting an outdoor party, we have a back up to entertain guests inside. You never know with Australian summer storms!



Style Prep - Holidays

Grab some small potted plants and wrap each pot in decorative paper. Place them down the middle of the table for a pretty centrepiece

  1. Pick up dried gum leaves (remember we live in the bush) and paint them! Slip under some string or ribbon and use them as gift tags!
  2. Use string instead of ribbon on presents, instead slip on some beads or glue some bright coloured pom poms!
  3. For fragrant tree decorations, grab some cinnamon sticks and bind several with some ribbon or string. They also make a great guest place card with a name tag.
  4. Group jam or mason jars of different heights and place a tea light candle in each, decorate them with ribbon and even replace some with shallow water with a small stem flower.

I hope these tips help you this festive season. What are some of your Xmas tips?


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