2 weeks - bike workout for my first ever 200kms Ride To Conquer Cancer

Here it is! My next 2 week workout program. It has been personally designed for me as I attempt my first ever 200kms bike ride in Brisbane 17th-18th August for the Ride To Conquer Cancer event. For those that would like to donate, my next ride is now scheduled for Sydney 12th-13th October.
Would love your support here.

2 week Ride To Conquer Cancer training program

Week One

Monday: Day of rest
Tuesday: Spin class and core stability session
Wednesday: 1 hour cycle at 140-150bpm
Thursday: 1 hour cycle at 140-150bpm and strength session (see below for exercises)
Friday: Intervals 10 minute warm up* 20 seconds full sprint with 30-40 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times.
10 minute warm down*
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Fun ride or FYM workout

Week Two

Monday: Day of rest
Tuesday: Spin class and core stability session
Wednesday: 1 hour cycle at 140-150bpm and strength session (see below for exercises)
Thursday: 1 hour cycle at 140-150bpm
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Ride 100kms
Sunday: Ride 100kms

Strength sessions performed x 3 sets

Dumbbell squat to curl to overhead press exercise 12 reps
Dumbbell walking lunges 12 reps
High box step ups 20 reps each leg continuous
Dumbbell jump squats 10 reps

Written by Jarah Breese who is a High Performance Athlete Trainer and majoring in Exercise Physiology and Masters in High Performance Science. Jarah was part of the Australian Mountain Bike Team racing around the world, so I am totally grateful our paths have crossed.

Please feel free to follow if you too would like lean legs and buns of steel! Ha! You know what I mean.  I will be following my FYM program for the warm up and warm down sessions. It will be interesting to see how I go with my 200km program. Please ensure you get your Doctors okay with this program. If you have any past medical or injuries please never over train and listen to your body. You can read more about my disclaimer here.

What has been something you have never done before that required a lot of preparation?

So here we go! I hope you too have set your own personal goal for our 31 day water August challenge as we increase our water throughout the day. Have you been drinking plenty of water?

Much love and friendship,
Dani xxx

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