100 % fruit cake - Happy 8th Birthday darling Noah

Yes, yes I know. I am a terrible mother. Giving Noah his birthday cake first thing in the morning....

Fruit birthday cake - no bake

Noah's birthday cake was made from pure fruit, compared to last year. Check out his ice cream cake.

It was the same with my birthday this year, all fresh fruits. There's something about our healthy living these days. We much prefer to eat "our" healthy birthdays cakes and leave the other stuff to indulge at other peoples parties, if that even makes sense?

Step one Cut up your favourite fruit and layer each fruit in your favourite spring form pan.

Step 2 Freeze until cake sets and sprinkle with coconut flakes.

It's time to light it up baby!!!

What I love about this cake is, there is no cooking, you can use whatever fruit you love and is ready once it's been set in the freezer. It made a divine breakfast this morning, served with yogurt before school.

We are off to my movie fundraiser tonight. I seriously cannot believe I have sold over 200 tickets. Thank you everyone in Ballarat for supporting this amazing cause. So many local businesses supporting me such as Wen & Where, Tanya Daniels The Good Guys, Rokk66, Skin Surf Ski, T&C Nails, Touche, Elisha from Arbonne, The Forge Pizzeria, The Athletes Foot just to name a few. I can't thank Cycle City enough for my amazing bike. I leave next Friday for my first 200km ride!!! Whoosh!

More updates soon. We still haven't heard from Richard Branson but it is COMING VERY SOON. His people have assured us! Watch this space.

What are some of your healthier "party-food" alternatives?

Much love and friendship, XxDani

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