Woo hoo it's Wednesday. Let's have some fitness fun

For me, connecting with the kids is really important. They love school (but they love being home too!) so when Wednesday comes around, it’s important to keep everyone focused and happy. Plan something different you can do together at the end of the day and surprise them. If you live near a roller-skating or ice-skating rink, book and after-school session for an hour and announce it when you grab them from school. Or book a session at your local trampoline park – or rock-climbing wall. Even a simple trip to your favourite playground is an awesome treat if they’re not expecting it. Pack their favourite healthy snack-to-go and just spend an hour enjoying getting moving together.

Dani Stevens YOU app with Jamie Oliver MOVE TOGETHER

The thing I love about Wednesdays is the inspiration to get moving to keep me happy and healthy. It’s easy with the YOU-app (I'm hosting over there today) especially if you don’t like working out alone, MOVE motivation this week is all about working out together – as a team. It might be that you get a group of people together from your office, or school community, partner in crime, bestie or hey! Even a stranger for that matter! It doesn't matter who it is, just move together.  – wherever!

Just as long as you get moving…

Keeping fit together adds an extra level of accountability, which I know some people really need. Motivation might not be an issue for you – but isn’t it still better to do something with other people. Conversation…a few laughs – anything that makes workouts even more fun has got to be good! What’s your favourite team workout tips?

Most of my movements are done by myself on-the-go but I am loving my Reformer Pilates classes at the moment with my Physio. They are awesome. If you’ve been following my posts here, you’ll know that my lower back has been giving me grief for a while but these classes are helping SO, so much!

It’s all about strengthening the core (intrinsic muscles) and I feel better every week.

How about you? What injuries have you had to overcome to stay moving?

Happy hump day!