Watch my recipe on Jamie's Food Tube You guessed it baby! Dreams do come true.

You know my philosophy is all about dreaming big, motivating you to do what you love, living a healthy and active lifestyle and of course sharing the love around. Well mine has just boomeranged tenfold! You know how much I love to share healthy food ideas with you and don’t even get me started on Jamie Oliver!!! My ultimate food idol.

I can’t wait to share my official Food Tube video with you as I will need your support, a BIG thumbs up and share this post wherever you can. Write your comments on the video below and let me know what other healthy meal creations you would like to see via my new Food Tube channel. It’s officially live now.

Super excited !!!!! I wanted you to be the first to know. A big thank you to Ruben Caser for your video work!

Thank you for making this dream come true for me. I absolutely love what I do.