HOORAY it's Friday and we are going to Sydney baby

Dani Stevens The International Champions Cup

I absolutely love watching people who just make it happen for themselves and I’m definitely trying teach my own children that’s how they should approach their own goals – just go for them! Fingers crossed they get the opportunity this month to walk with their soccer hero's. If you missed yesterday's post, check out their video submissions here.

It's been hilarious watching The Voice auditions this year (tell me you have been glued to the TV too?) Our kids love pretending to be the judges and facing the other way while they listen to the singers, then seeing who they’d turn around for.

Delta is looking healthy – in fact glowing! She's a pretty good example of how looking after your body has great results. The whole cat fight thing between her and Jessie J is making for entertaining viewing too – a good chance to raise some issues with the kids about how comments can make other people feel and how you can then choose to show…or hide…your feelings to everyone else.

What a week!

As you know it's school holidays in Australia and this weekend we are super excited to be heading to Sydney. We booked on Airbnb  (how cool and easy is their app?) and are looking forward to what we find. What a fun, friendly way to see parts of the world – staying in another person’s house and seeing how they live their lives. How cool is that? Live like a local and have a sense of belonging. We opted for an entire house versus being hosted on this occasion as we didn't want to freak them out with our family of 6! Ha ha otherwise look forward to meeting the hosts next time to give us a heads up on the local nooks and crannies and cool places to go.

Who knows it might even prompt Adrian to compete in the City2Surf next month, which is a wonderful event. Such a sensational vibe at these events and you don't even have to be an athlete to enter! Trust me, Adrian is just about to kick start his couch to 5km run app if he has any hope of joining these inspirational people. What an amazing cause to raise as much money as possible for research. It all takes me back to my Richard Branson Project and Rides To Conquer Cancer with my Vision Crusaders team, it's the best vibe ever! You know me, I was no athlete in fact never rode a bike in my entire life but managed to cycle over 800kms across Australia to find a cure for cancer! Anything is possible if you set your mind on doing it!

Are you in?


The kids are pumped as well.

Sydney is such a beautiful city – I miss it so much. I'll never forget the Olympics atmosphere back in 2000 and then moving there a few months later for 2 years. Good times! I'll be showing the fam all the touristy things and enjoying our family time together - away from work and everything else that distracts us.

Can't wait to explore some great cafes and discovering some new delicious flavours and the good thing about Airbnb is that we also have access to a proper kitchen so we can choose to do our own food, if we don’t feel like going out all the time.

My favourite movements this week? It has to be enjoying being with my kids and running around on our lovely local beach. I'm such a big kid, even if the weather is not perfect, the kids love doing races in the sand and they’re great for me too – extra effort required means greater results. Otherwise you'll catch me doing some heel kicks with Zali on the beach for our 5 minutes MOVE actions over on YOU-app. Building a happier and healthier world by inspiring action, I am thrilled to be the MOVE micro action host with Jamie Oliver. I would love you to join us.

Dani Stevens beach workouts with YOU app Jamie Oliver

Can't wait for the amazing Sydney beaches to run along too…So come follow me on Instagram and Facebook this weekend for all the Airbnb action and adventure.

What about YOU? What will you be doing this weekend? xxDani

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