I have been extremely slack over the school holidays and didn't keep up with my regular 8 glasses of water intake per day. This water challenge has come at just the right time. Yes, another month and a new challenge here on DaniStevens.com. This challenge is aimed at improving our wellbeing, keeping each other accountable and motivated to look after our health. Water challenge Dani Stevens 2015

Interesting facts about water

  1. 68.7% of the world’s fresh water is trapped in glaciers
  2. 30% of the world’s fresh water is found in the ground (If you’re wondering what happened to the other 1.7% - it’s frozen and unusable)
  3. In any 24-hour period, women around the globe spend approximately 200 million work hours collecting water for their families
  4. Every hour, approximately 200 of the world’s children die because of unsafe water
  5. The human brain is 70% water
  6. In the developing world, approximately 80% of all illnesses are water-related
  7. Without food, a person could survive for around a month. Without water, a person can only survive for about a week
  8. Every day, your body loses around one cup of water from exhaling
  9. In the last century, the use of water has grown at more than double the pace of population growth
  10. Your body is made up of around 66% water

Water Challenge THANK YOU Dani Stevens

All I can say is thank you to this water bottle that has hit the shelves in local supermarkets in Australia. Knowing each time I buy a Thank You bottle of water (or any food & skin care range for that matter), my money goes towards life-changing projects. Plus I get to track my impact and see the projects going on around the world. BE THE CHANGE and choose Thank You this month and make a difference too! Congrats to my friends over at Thank You for being game changers and such an awesome social enterprise. I am so proud to be an ambassador for this wonderful cause.

October Water Challenge

So are you in? If so, this Thank You hamper will be ALL yours at the end of the month. To register please fill out your details below, as one lucky Team Dani winner will be enjoying this amazing hamper pack from my friends over at Thank You.

To make it even more exciting and interactive this month, I thought we could share our creative ways we like to drink water, and improve our intake of water throughout our day.

Thank You hamper with Dani Stevens


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The most creative picture tagged with #dswaterchallenge wins! So show me ways you are drinking 8 glasses per day.

Here's a fun way we keep hydrated by the beach ;-)


Water Challenge Oscar Stevens Thank You



 We never know the worth of water until the well is dry - Thomas Fuller.

I look forward to seeing ways you are keeping hydrated this month!


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