#offthegrid2015 January challenge

Another year another new challenge. This ones going to be a tough one! I know some of you rely on social media for business purposes, but you totally know where I am coming from when I ask you to get off the grid even if it's for 1-3 hours. You can survive. For those of you that don't use social media for biz purposes, you're gonna blitz this challenge!!!
The aim of this challenge is to disconnect from social media for as long as you can in the month of January. As mentioned above it can be for 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. I am going away from the 5-20th January 2015 so I have challenged myself for 20 days off social media.
Do you think I can do it? Of course I have scheduled content prepared for you while I'm away, so you can still be connected with me however over in Instagram land will be the BIGGEST test ever. I live over there!!!

How to play!

Post your last picture anywhere you are, let it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and comment on how long you are challenging yourself to be #offthegrid2015.
Then of course when you're back online, you can check how long it was and tag the new post "I survived _ _ hrs/days #offthegrid2015"
Invite your friends. Let's see how many can survive this online 24X7 addictive space we call social media. I know I love it but sometimes we just need to take a breather, get some fresh air and actually spend time with people and ourselves one-on-one. Not online.
So it kicks off this month. You can choose the days and how long you want to be disconnected with the World Wide Web. For those tagging their pictures, I have a special gift for you so please ensure you have your details updated on our subscriber list so I have your latest mailing address.
Open worldwide
"</p xxDani