Hi there, I thought we could have a centralised Dani & Co. area where we could bounce ideas, ask questions that I may miss out in social media. I have created our very own private Facebook Group page so please feel free to join us daily.

Below are some FAQ's on how I keep fit, the foods I eat and how I manage to keep a balanced lifestyle being a Mum of 4 young children, a wife, a business woman and of course me, Dani.

Dani & Co.

Here are some FAQ's to get us started;

1). Dani how long did it take you to lose 30kgs?

It was a slow ongoing process after balancing the right foods and exercise, it took me 12 months to lose 30kgs - 66lbs.

2). How do you manage to fit in exercise, run your business and make healthy meals?

I try my best to workout very early in the mornings 6-7am, prepare breakfast and kids lunches before heading out to do the kinda and school run 8-9am. I then jump online, attend any meetings with brands and make appointments before lunchtime 9-11am.

Zali and I have some play time between 11-2:30pm while I prepare our dinner and do some house duties before I head out the door for kinda and school pick ups around 2:30pm. I also reply to emails and jump on Instagram 2:45-3pm while I wait to pick up Mietta from Kinda.

After school, I take our kids to karate or footy, help our kids with their homework, cook dinner and do the normal bed routine 4-7:30pm. Then Adrian and I have some quality time 7:30-9pm and afterwards I jump online 9-10pm to answer any questions and prep any social media posts for the next day.

3).  Do you eat bread?

Yes. I don't eat it at every meal time and we try and refrain from buying white bread. Instead we opt for wholemeal or multi-grain. I will typically have a sandwich or wrap for lunch. I have stopped eating so much bread throughout the day eg: toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and bread with my soup. So I try and balance it out and only have one serve a day.

4). Do you EVER miss a workout?

Absolutely! If I am feeling unwell, fatigued or just not motivated I don't do it. I listen to my body but then make every effort to ensure my next workout, I break out a good sweat!

5). What's your typical meal plan for the day?

Breakfast - fruit salad with various seeds, natural greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey

Morning snack - latte with a protein ball or healthy home made muesli or slice

Lunch - wholemeal toasted sandwich with roasted pumkin & capsicum

Afternoon snack - Green Smoothie

Dinner - grilled chicken with steamed vegetables

I also hydrate throughout the day with at least 8 glasses of water and herbal tea.

* * * 

See you over at our Dani & Co. private group page.

Much love and friendship,


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