Vegan Cinnamon French Toast

Anything is possible when you think outside the box. This dish has been a childhood favourite of mine. It reminds me of my Croatian father as he used to make it for me. Of course I have mixed things up over the years and given it a little twist and now an even bigger twist without milk and eggs!!!


LSA  (linseeds, sunflowers, almonds)

Bonsoy milk


Vanilla powder

Smashed banana  

Coconut oil  



Mix all ingredients together


Heat a fry pan with some coconut oil, dip bread into mixture 


Add to fry pan and cook until golden brown. 


Drizzle with some maple syrup and cinnamon.  

The kids gave it a thumbs up. It was a little sticky on the fry pan and the first few came out soggy until I got the mixture right and added an additional banana.  



Have a sensational Wednesday!

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